Pulse Arcade

The largest of arcades in Thunder City, Pulse is located downtown, across the street from Rush. It features over 50 different machines with a variety of modern arcade games, including FPS and fighting games, physical-type games like skee-ball, pinball machines, and several VR options. Between the techno music and the crowds, it’s hard to hear people inside unless you yell or talk right into someone’s ear; it is significantly less busy during the daytime.

All games require tokens to play, though ‘tokens’ are kept on digital cards. Some games offer token or GP prizes, or give the player an option of which reward s/he would prefer to receive. Gold Points can be exchanged for prizes, mostly figurines and plastic oddities, though extensive amounts of GP can be exchanged for some sweet prizes, such as in-line skates or walkie-talkies. Tokens are not cash-redeemable, though GP can be used to buy some gift-certificate type prizes. This is, of course, deceptive, as you’ll almost certainly pay more to win the GP than the cash value of the gift certificates.

Periodically contests and special events will be held; naturally, there are regulars who can be found at Pulse on a daily basis, playing their favorite games.

Pulse features a small snack bar that sells fast food and beverages. Alcoholic beverages are not served on premises. Nachos and loaded fries, however, are, as well as items like fried pickles, sliders, and pizza. The cafe area is near the checkered tile section with relatively cheap seating, as you might find in a fast food restaurant.


Lit almost entirely with blacklights, it also features decorative neon lighting in swirls and curls hanging from the ceiling. The rugs all have blacklight-reactive designs. The walls have LED strips embedded into them that show a green ‘life-pulse’. Lit in sequence, the walls effectively show the ‘life’ of the arcade, and the pulse quickens toward evening, especially as the place gets crowded. Enhanced scenes from the VR games are viewable in the checkered tile area, which features fifteen monitors. Usually the screens are focused not each on a single different game, but the whole lot of them are focused on one game— whichever one seems to have something dramatically interesting going on in it.

1304 South Sycamore

Sunday-Thursday | 2:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Friday-Saturday | Open 24 Hours

Pulse Arcade

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