King syndicate


In sheer membership terms, King syndicate is the largest of all the Neosapien crime syndicates. At least ostensibly, the organization prides itself on the elite status of its members – which has, ironically, only served to increase the breadth of its appeal. The iconic muscle of this U.K.-originating syndicate are thickly-accented hooligans with canes or truncheons, sometimes dressed in ironic top hats or other finery. King syndicate is predominantly Caucasian, and upholds a mixture of criminal investments, including the drug trade, prostitution, extortion, arms dealing, and illegal lotteries. Its fronts include fashion retailers and other upscale businesses.

Thunder City

King syndicate occupies the western part of Thunder City.


  • Powder-blue or purple color.
  • Suits, canes, and top hats.
  • Frequent use of handguns.
  • The sign of a crown mounted with a K.



Associated/Absorbed Groups

  • Some small time gangs in Glasgow pay tribute to King syndicate, though others actively defy their presence.
  • The Yardies in the U.K. and Jamaica were largely absorbed by King syndicate during its formation, though its regional branches in those areas retain certain ethnic flavor due to their influence.

King syndicate

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