The Bloody Barracudas

“Punks” and “Ruffians,” “Wannabes,” and “Hooligans”; rest assured, the Bloody Barracudas have been called it all. Hardly a ‘gang’ by Thunder City’s standards, the BBs is a collective of rowdy pubescent boys who like to think they have the bite of a tiger and the growl of a wolf; in reality, they’re really just a bunch of wannabe miscreant troublemakers — except it seems they can’t even do that properly.

Despite their most valiant attempts (and, often, hours of planning), all of the Bloody Barracudas’ attempts to cause a ruckus and break the law inevitably fall short of just that. Even with the countless number of crimes that occur daily in Thunder City as example, the BBs’ crimes are never severe and rarely even the remotest hassle to local law enforcement. While other gangs murder, rape, and deal drugs, the BBs litter, jaywalk, and bully classmates. In their best case scenario, the BBs might pull off a grand heist like filching a few apples from a street stand, or break a store window to steal something only to forget half the job in their adrenaline high.

The Bloody Barracudas recruit from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and social statuses, but all of their members are young, late middle school to mid high school aged boys, from 12 to 16. The BBs is an exclusive boys’ club (No Girls Allowed!) though many members hang out with their girlfriends when they’re not (attempting to) stirring up trouble. There are never any 17 year old members in the Bloody Barracudas, at least for long. Inevitably, any of-age member is either persuaded or forced to focus on his schooling or “something productive” with his life. Most BBs members are well-sheltered, if devious, youths; any boys their age more truly in-tune with crime would have already joined a better gang or a syndicate instead of the Bloody Barracudas.

At the end of the day, naturally, they’re am absolute laughing stock — but they try very hard to be taken seriously, so be careful not to insult them lest a gaggle of teenage boys attempt to menace you with a BB gun and promises of a wedgie.

Notable Members

  • “Ray” Ryouta Koizumi | Leader

Crimes to date

  • Jaywalking
  • Pick-pocketing (caught by police and returned stolen wallet)
  • Vandalism (spray-paint graffiti, broken windows)
  • Littering
  • Disobeying posted signs
  • Trespassing
  • Disturbing the peace
  • Disorderly conduct


The Bloody Barracudas got their name’s inspiration from “the Blue Barracudas,” a small-time 1990’s gang they heard used to participate in grizzly tribal competitions to the death over priceless artifacts.

The Bloody Barracudas

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