St Johns Memorial Hospital

Located on the West side of town, St. John’s Memorial Hospital is one of the more accessible hospitals in Thunder City. It boasts a modest spread of medical services beyond typical emergency care, including a children’s wing, small cancer institute, physical therapy services and women’s wellness clinic. Depending on case-by-case situation, St. John’s offers special rates for those in need of medical assistance but who cannot afford it.

Originally named the Wallace Medical Center, St. John’s was founded in 2083 by Mrs. Ophelia Wallace following the death of her husband, Mr. Thomas Wallace, a prominent businessman and entrepreneur of his time. The Wallace Medical Center initially catered solely to Thunder City residents who could not afford insurance or basic medical costs, sometimes even completely covering procedures free of charge for those in extraordinary circumstances. Thanks to numerous trust funds and the support from a widespread social network, the Wallace Medical Center grew in leaps and bounds and eventually opened its doors to a wider range of economical classes under its new name in 2144. Having since grown into a successful medical forerunner, St. John’s has become the go-to hospital for many of Thunder City’s residents, from the homeless to the upper class.

Established after Mrs. Wallace’s death in 2102, the Ophelia Wallace Foundation continues to provide the majority of the funding for St. John’s medical scholarships and programs for economically challenged patients.

The St. John’s Memorial Hospital complex consists of 5 distinct buildings, most of them connected by over-street walkways or ground-level additions. As most of these buildings were added on as the hospital grew, there is no one cohesive style, nor are all of the buildings in similar conditions. For an inter-city hospital, St. John’s is relatively large; however, compared to more specialized centers located out-of-town, it’s still a small complex.

55 West Madison Street

All day, year round.

St Johns Memorial Hospital

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