Odell Avenue Apartments

Odell Avenue Apartments is a small apartment complex in the northwestern quadrant of Thunder City. Though not particularly targeted for, or safe from, crime, Odell happens to fall in Volcano territory.

Information is available via a sign on how to contact the landlord. Apartments are available at moderate prices, and some rooms come cheap depending on their condition.



Odell Avenue Apartments is a single, long, rectangular brick and concrete building with four floors and 60 total apartments for rent (15 per floor). A central hallway divides apartments, and there are two sets of stairs going up and down between floors, as well as a single central elevator. About half of the apartments are one-room, and the other half are two-rooms. Most of the two bedroom apartments also have two bathrooms. The building is not in the greatest shape, and offers little in the way of facilities, but its draws include washers and dryers for each apartment, and each apartment has its own balcony, usually adjoining the fire escape. Though not secure, some apartment owners keep plants and (cheap) chairs outside.


3401 Odell Avenue

Odell Avenue Apartments

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