Five Points Park

Everyone knows Five Points, and most people are aware of Five Points Park, which is just adjacent to it. It’s a popular runner’s park with a picnic area and good number of benches and trees, though there are fewer shrubs. Police patrol is always somewhere to be found not too far away, making this place seem (relatively) safer than Thunder City at large.

Five Points Park has never really changed much since its establishment. The park has only a few features, including picnic tables and a few statues, park benches, trees, and some bushes. Its only unusual feature is a stone bridge built in the mid 1800s. When the canal was drained and partially filled in, the city opted to keep the bridge, and many years later, during restoration, used the feature to create a winding, multi-layered path. Because of its proximity to downtown, and because of the concern of crime, it is relatively easy to see from one end of the park to the other in most sections. Pets are permitted in Five Points Park. It is also the daytime (and sometimes nighttime) home to one of Thunder City’s colorful personalities, 103-yeard old Maggie Beans.

A suggestion has been made to Thunder City government to potentially include some tree swings in the park.




Five Points Park

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