Five Points

Anyone who has lived in Thunder City for a short time will have at least heard of, if not been to, Five Points, so named for its nexus of roads (originally 5, now 6) that join together the flow of traffic downtown. It sees not only high volumes of vehicular traffic, but is usually full of pedestrians walking downtown or visiting the nearby park.

Five Points, sometimes moreso than the park, is a choice site for outdoor performances, and due to its heavy flow of people coming and going, also happens to be the choice site for getting up on one’s soapbox. Sculptures and installation art pieces come and go.

The layout of Five Points is a relatively small, raised hill of land, rising only about three feet in the center, filled with grass, benches, and a couple trees. It forms something visually akin to a pentagon from above, and is perhaps a hundred feet across on average. A fountain in its center remains one of Thunder City’s few things that, when broken, actually gets fixed. Last holiday season, Thunder City’s officials installed color-changing LED lighting to the trees. Public response was positive enough that the lights have yet to be taken out.


Five Points

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