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Story 7

NumberSession NameXPTotal XP
S7-S1Breaking Point4XP484XP
S7-S2Bad Moons Rising4XP488XP
S7-S3The Boneyard Haunt4XP492XP
S7-S4The Return of Kuku4XP496XP
S7-S6Beatin Creepers4XP504XP
S7-S7Shut Up and Dance5XP509XP
S7-S8Creepers Been Creeped4XP513XP
S7-S10Manse Hunt4XP521XP
S7-S11Basement Surprise4XP525XP
S7-S12Into the Land of Shadows4XP529XP
S7-S13Love Demons4XP533XP
S7-S14It Was You6XP539XP
S7-S15Cleanup on Aisle C44XP543XP
S7-S16Some Wishes Granted4XP547XP
S7-S17Death Approaches4XP551XP
S7-S18-20Knocking on Death’s Door7XP558XP
S7-S21Double Feint9XP567XP

Story 6

NumberSession NameXPTotal XP
S6-S1Nothing to Fear0XP427XP
S6-S3Far From Home4XP431XP
S6-S4Q and A4XP435XP
S6-S5Catch Up4XP439XP
S6-S6Corporate Hell4XP443XP
S6-S7The Crumbling Cake4XP447XP
S6-S8I Flew Straight in from Chicago0XP447XP
S6-S9Masturbatin Mike4XP451XP
S6-S10The Lady in Black4XP455XP
S6-S11Our Neighbor4XP459XP
S6-S14Not an Easy Lover0XP463XP
S6-S15Bar Room Blitz0XP463XP
S6-S16Six Mouths1XP464XP
S6-S17The One That Got Awy6XP470XP
S6-S18Raksha 1010XP470XP
S6-S19Down with Corporate Fairies4XP474XP
S6-S20Crash the Tea Party6XP480XP

Story 5

NumberSession NameXPTotal XP
S5-S1Back to the Boneyard4XP362XP
S5-S4Progress and Plotting4XP374XP
S5-S5Warlordin at the Quarry6XP380XP
S5-S6Gabriel and the Mind Prying Trailer4XP384XP
S5-S7Few Alternatives4XP388XP
S5-S8Finding Cheveyo4XP392XP
S5-S9Mirror, Mirror4XP396XP
S5-S10Satan's Sandy Ass Crack4XP400XP
S5-S11Cups and Cakes4XP404XP
S5-S12Candy Heart4XP408XP
S5-S14Gone But at What Cost4XP416XP
S5-S15House of the Mirror Thief4XP420XP
S5-S16Cheveyo, Scion of Malfaes1XP421XP
S5-S17Cheveyo, Scion of Malfaes Part 20XP421XP

Story 4

NumberSession NameXPTotal XP
S4-S1In the Wake of the First4XP264XP
S4-S2Time is Ticking4XP268XP
S4-S3Time is Ticking Part 24XP272XP
S4-S4Shouldn't Exist8XP280XP
S4-S5Closed Door, Open Door4XP284XP
S4-S6The Smoldering Remains of Volcano14XP298XP
S4-S7Another Sun4XP302XP
S4-S8ANOTHER Another Sun4XP306XP
S4-S9Welcome Aboard4XP310XP
S4-S10Cabin in the Woods4XP314XP
S4-S11No Brawns No More6XP320XP
S4-S12Warrant for Arrest4XP324XP
S4-S13Tip of the Tongue4XP328XP
S4-S14Sticky Situation Pending4XP332XP
S4-S15Spiralnebel Surprise4XP336XP
S4-S17Showdown Part 20XP338XP
S4-S18Five Down but the Threat Remains14XP352XP
S4-S19And Then There Was One6XP358XP

Story 3

NumberSession NameXPTotal XP
S3-S1Bad Moon Rising4XP216XP
S3-S2The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend4XP220XP
S3-S3What's Inside4XP224XP
S3-S4And Then There Were Four5XP229XP
S3-S5Keep on Trucking4XP233XP
S3-S6Lock and Loll4XP237XP
S3-S7Dawn of a New Alliance7XP244XP
S3-S8Arranging the Distraction4XP248XP
S3-S9Details, Details4XP252XP
S3-S10The Fall of the First Pillar8XP260XP

Story 2

NumberSession NameXPTotal XP
S2-S2Cops and Hitmen4XP191XP
S2-S3Car Bomb4XP195XP
S2-S4Birds of a Gold Feather4XP199XP
S2-S5Complicated Hit4XP203XP
S2-S6Explosive Confrontation0XP203XP
S2-S7The Beast of Extermination1XP204XP
S2-S8Put the Beast Down8XP212XP

Story 1

NumberSession NameXPTotal XP
S1-S1Sycamore Trees2XP6XP
S1-S2Some Kind of Horrid Monkey8XP14XP
S1-S3Unmasking the Dead and Forgotten4XP18XP
S1-S4Contemplating the Trudge Through Syndicate Mud4XP22XP
S1-S5More Than We Wanted and Less6XP28XP
S1-S6Rush In Party Crashers4XP32XP
S1-S7Left Hungry for More4XP36XP
S1-S8Ad Hack for Shipment6XP42XP
S1-S9Riverside Fiesta5XP47XP
S1-S10Riverside Fiesta Part 28XP55XP
S1-S11 And Now We Wait6XP61XP
S1-S12 And Now We Wait Part 24XP65XP
S1-S13 Boneyard Shift8XP73XP
S1-S14 A Door to the Dead8XP81XP
S1-S15 Rampage6XP87XP
S1-S16 Cricket Rampage8XP95XP
S1-S17 Raisin8XP103XP
S1-S18 Raising Questions and Chasing Answers8XP111XP
S1-S19 The Great Ouchdoors8XP119XP
S1-S20 Their Bite is Worse Than Their Bark7XP126XP
S1-S21 Spider's Web8XP134XP
S1-S22 The Falling Tower10XP144XP
S1-S23 Sanctuary4XP148XP
S1-S24 To Plan and Plummet5XP153XP
S1-S25 The Stars Say4XP157XP
S1-S26 The Fifth and Third4XP161XP
S1-S27 Burn Baby Burn6XP167XP
S1-S28 Mic Drop4XP171XP
S1-S29 Turn Up the Heat4XP175XP
S1-S30 Extinguished8XP183XP


NumberSession NameXPTotal XP
P-S1I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Fire0XP0XP
P-S3Short Changed0XP0XP
P-S4Caught in a Hustle4XP4XP


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