Dossier of Nero Drago


Untouched | Has never suffered from supernatural or natural trauma
Cursed | Currently suffers from supernatural trauma, unresolved
Traumatized | Currently suffers from natural trauma, unresolved
Cured | Once suffered from supernatural trauma, now resolved
Healed | Once suffered from natural trauma, now resolved
Resisted | Successfully resisted supernatural or natural trauma

Crying Curse | Uncontrollable sobbing that leads to severe dehydration then death within hours if left untreated; cured through countermagic
Hollow | Waking coma characterized by physical wellness but complete lack of emotional and cognitive response; cured through countermagic and supernatural psychological treatment
Remade | Once Hollow but now “transformed,” cognitively normal but emotionally dead and (seemingly) living only for Drago’s orders; currently incurable
Victim Status Affliction Association Details
Sophia Cured Crying Curse
Kuku Resisted Graffiti Resisted a supernatural attack involving Ana’s death
Gabriel Untouched Briefly held hostage then tied up by Drago, left unharmed
Sawyer Untouched Abducted by green fog, similar to that of a Tomescu demon’s and detained by Fluiluhn
Julie Akagi Dead Crying Curse None
Jerome Cured Hollow Jerome’s boys Warehouse victim
Greg Dead Murder Jerome’s boys Killed by Bruno after ingesting an unknown drug provided by Drago and becoming psychotic
Bruno Unknown Hollow(?) Jerome’s boys
Terry Dead Murder Jerome’s boys Killed by Greg in a psychotic frenzy
Miguel Marquez Traumatized El Diablos Sole El Diablos to return from a dark place
Various members Unknown A Dark Place El Diablos
Katrina Jackson Afflicted Remade The Creepers One of the missing Creepers
Morrie Turner Afflicted Remade The Creepers Attendant to the missing Creepers
Karen Cured Hollow The Creepers Warehouse victim, relived a failure during coma
Various members Cured Hollow The Creepers Recovered in January 2168
Thickburger Afflicted Hollow The Creepers
Billy Jacobs Dead Suicide The Vipers
D Traumatized The Vipers
Dirty Frank Traumatized(?) The Boneyard Boys A member of the Vipers prior to the Billy Jacobs incident
Various members Traumatized(?) The Boneyard Boys Status unconfirmed


The group as a whole
Victims of the Warehouse ( S7- Se13, Se14, Se15 )
The Vipers
The Black Mambas
The El Diablos
Jerome and friends ( S8-Se6 )
The Creepers


Month Date Details Session
January N/A In a combined effort, the group locate the remaining missing Creepers, who are kept in graffiti’d, derelict shrines across TC. Another Creeper, Morrie Turner, having once been Hollow but now Remade, has been taking care of them. Katrina Jackson, another Creeper, succumbs to the same affliction before she can be treated. Both Remade, now without directives, are left alone to be periodically monitored. The remaining Creepers are cured and sent on their way. S8-Se10
1st ☼ ☾ Through a bad trip from Dr. Candy’s crystal, Sophia learns two things (unless the memories were planted): her and Vincent’s past lives retrieved the ‘Forgotten Hero’ from the cross outside the Queen of Thunder’s tower, and that the ‘Forgotten Hero’ was, in fact, Nero Drago as Sophia has seen him today. S8-Se7


Month Date Details Session
December 31st #4 informs the group that the contents of the Halloween vial, “Cruelty,” is an extremely virulent and contagious virus with off-world origins, possibly generated by a Deathlord. It’s quite likely that this is the same solution Bruno sampled in Jerome’s story. #4 speculates there may have originally been a gallon of Cruelty and that Drago controls the remaining stock. S8-Se8
30th Jerome tells his story to the group. S8-Se6
29th After researching the period of the Queen of Thunder’s reign, the group discovers the speculative origins of Drago’s past (or current?) life (and death?) as the “Forgotten Hero.” S8-Se5
28th The contents of Drago’s letter is read and discussed as a group. In the letter, Drago indicates he is (or used to be) Thunder City’s “Forgotten Hero.” S8-Se4
26th Without opening it, Sophia inspects the letter she recieved from Drago. It is owned by her, smells of cologne and nothing else, and summarily contains “Nero Drago’s old identity.”
22nd Between leaving the Christmas Party at Vikky’s and arriving back at the lodge, Vincent mysteriously receives a letter addressed to Sophia. It’s found slipped between presents. Vincent has no recollection of receiving the letter.
Earlier Vikky, Kuku, and Carmen revive and treat all the victims of Drago’s warehouse with a combination of countermagic and Essence-fueled psychiatric healing.
October 31st Following their victory at the Cathedral, Sophia’s territory alerts her to Drago’s presence at the Lodge. Drago calls Sophia (using Gabe’s phone) in order to force the group to intercept the ‘real’ Underworld invasion at the Boneyard. Sophia watches him activate an unknown program on a second phone. He takes Gabe hostage but leaves him unharmed, later gagging and restraining him in a closet for the group to find long after he’s gone. Attempts to track him end abruptly just outside the door. S7-21
26th The search for Raven’s wayward mortal, Sawyer, leads the group to an east side warehouse, where she is being kept (and protected?) by Fluiluhn and two “Tomescu” demons, both summoned by Drago. In the warehouse next door, which Sophia technically owns but cannot see into, they discover graffiti and no more than 14 hollow victims, one of whom Drago possibly remotely puppets. He recites the poem left near Sophia’s manse, and attempts (and fails) to blow up the building. Kuku breaks one victim, Karen, out of her waking coma. She recounts meeting Sophia at a bar (date unknown) and claims it was her who put her into the waking coma, repeatedly reliving a past “failure”. The remainder of the victims are delivered to the Olympia Theater to be collected by EMTs. S7-14
21st Baron von Shinto mistakenly takes Gabe hostage following the Creepers’ disappearance. The group investigates Thickburger’s apartment and discover him, comatose, and supernaturally trapped graffiti on the wall (painted by Thickburger). Kuku resists its effect. Carmen discovers that the graffiti at Gabe’s office has been edited in attempts to lure the writer to a meeting at a park.
20th Baron von Shinto sees approximately 30 Creepers for the last time before they go missing.
19th The group meets the Creepers and their leader. They are warned about Drago and his graffiti business with some Creepers.
18th The graffiti is discovered, and the Creepers responsible (Gordo, Anton, and a third unnamed) for Vikky’s graffiti are questioned. They recount the night before. S7-Se6
17th Drago approaches approximately 10 Creepers at Hooligans, a bar, and pays them to tag Vikky’s bookstore, the Olympia theater, Gabe’s office, the Crow’s Nest, Sophia’s manse, and a few other locations with graffiti overnight. S7-Se6
7th Sophia finds and questions Dirty Frank at the Boneyard. He says he is empty and sees a future of tears, and claims there are other hollow Boneyard Boys, like him, and that Drago may have been the one to arrange the spiral trains.
5th Miguel Marquez of the El Diablos tells Sophia his story.
2nd D of the Vipers tells Sophia his story.
September 24th A Black Mamba OG tells Sophia his story.
August N/A Nero approaches Jerome and friends with a new drug he wants them to distribute. Greg tries it, becomes psychopathic, and murders Terry gruesomely. Bruno shoots and kills Greg, and his subsequent confrontation with Nero ends with Bruno quieting down and speaking the tagline. Nero sits Jerome down to ‘explain’, bringing up a secret he shouldn’t know in the course of forcing Jerome into a waking coma. S8-Se6
July 6th Sophia meets Drago in an east side warehouse. After speaking with her about a secret he shouldn’t know, he places the crying curse on her which Vikky’s countermagic subsequently ends. S8-Se6
June 17th A Boneyard boy is found suffering from the crying curse outside of Sophia’s manse. He tells the group not to listen to the “so beautiful” devil before passing away. S1-Se23
9th Julie Akagi is found dead and desiccated in her apartment. It can be presumed she suffered a death from the crying curse several days before. S1-Se17
April N/A Julie Akagi is assaulted by Boneyard Boys.
Earlier N/A Jerome and friends Bruno, Terry, and Greg meet Nero, who pitches his interest in purchasing their homemade crystal meth and prescription drugs (including Hydrocodeon, Oxycodone, Codeine, and Haloperidol). The deal is accepted, and Nero buys out all of their products for months. S8-Se6

Between 2164 and 2167

Month Date Details Session
No date N/A At an El Diablos raid on a Volcano warehouse, Miguel discovers Drago has ‘poisoned’ Angel’s mind and let him remember what Miguel did to his real family. Angel shoots Miguel, an El Diablo shoots Angel, and Nero transports the El Diablos to an unknown world of darkness and chains. Nero returns Miguel alone to reality and burns the warehouse along with Angel’s body.
A month later Drago (supposedly) visits Dirty Frank again. It’s the last time he sees Drago.
N/A Drago approaches and sponsors the Vipers, of which D and Dirty Frank are enforcers. Drago tasks Billy, who wants to come on board, with proving his cold blood. He, D, and Dirty Frank abduct and assault a woman in the caboose of the Boneyard, who Billy later realizes is his sister and murders her. When Drago reveals himself, Billy recites the tagline and shoots himself. Drago asks Dirty Frank what he’d learned; he replies, “I see. I see now.” Drago leaves Dirty Frank at the Boneyard and takes D home. It’s the last time D sees Drago.


Month Date Details Session
No date N/A Drago approaches the Black Mambas, asking for info (who’s in what territory, who runs with who) in exchange for money. On one visit, the Mambas’ leader, Tooth-Tooth, kills himself without pause after seeing Drago and saying the tagline. After this event, Drago shows up a few more times, asks about Southside fam, and eventually one day stops showing up.


Month Date Details Session
No date N/A Drago approaches the El Diablos with cash and guns to support their turf war against Volcano in exchange for a future favor he later declares is ’don’t harm any children’. Miguel Marquez adopts a young Volcano orphan, Angel, as his own.

Before 2008, during the Queen of Thunder’s reign

Month Date Details Session
No date N/A ☼ ☾ Sophia and Vincent’s past lives (Lilivati and Cassie) learn about a TC ‘hero’ helping citizens flee the Queen of Thunder’s reign. When they later learn he has been strung up on a cross before the QoT’s tower, they retrieve his body.

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Dossier of Nero Drago

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