Tier 1: Starmetal

Big Damn Heroes: Perform a 3-die stunt. (Earned: Kuku, Sophia, Viktoriya)
Cancel the Apocalypse: Perfectly defend against an attack that accrued 20 or more successes.
Here We Go Again: Have your first limit break. (Earned: Sophia, Viktoriya)
Hubris Cast Down: Botch with a pool of 10 dice or more.
Like Sacks of Wet Cement: Survive a terminal-velocity fall onto a hard surface.
Seems Legit: Yield to unnatural mental influence. (Earned: Carmen)
The First Cut is the Derpest: Miss the first attack roll of a combat encounter.
Triple Corpse Hammerblow: Incapacitate (or worse) 3 or more characters in one tick. (Earned: Al, Carmen, Viktoriya)

Tier 2: Moonsilver

Beyond the Impossible: Achieve more successes than you have dice with a pool of 5 or more, without using the Second Excellency. (Earned: Al, Carmen, Kuku, Viktoriya, Vincent)
Fine Red Mist: Have a pre-soak damage pool of 30 dice or more. (Earned: Anatolia, Kuku)
If You’re Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough: Survive an attack qualifying for Fine Red Mist.
Master of Puppets: Completely create or erode an intimacy in someone else via mental influence.
Truly Epic Fail: Botch a 3-die stunt.

Tier 3: Orichalcum

Abomination Overdrive: Reach Essence 5.
A Smack on Titan: Take out a Warstrider.
Climb Ev’ry Mountain: Fulfill your Motivation. (Earned: Vincent, Sophia, Carmen, Viktoriya)
Icarus Burning: Flare your totem in public, with witnesses, with no disguise. (Earned: Al, Carmen)


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