Small Change


Story 8 - Session 8

The group trucks to Vikky’s manse sans Carmen, joined by Gabriel and a few pizzas to discuss their thoughts on Dr. Candy. General consensus is that he’s probably not involved with Drago, but given his drug stores, he should be monitored. Nixie receives word back on the contents of the vial they found at Halloween: just water… and a shitload of viruses. If the vial from Halloween is the same substance as the jam jar of Drago’s drug, the chances of it being a natural or even mutated virus seem very slim, given the short incubation period and averse effects. If they’re separate? There’s not much to go off to determine what Drago’s drug is at all.

The conversation veers off when slightly more lucid Sophia announces she witnessed visions – memories – while tripping. The first is of Cassie (Vincent’s past life) speaking about the Forgotten Hero, and subsequently removing his desiccated corpse from the cross at the Queen of Thunder’s tower. In this vision/memory, Sophia recalls the Forgotten Hero was Nero Drago, or at least resembled him. The second is of a life long, long ago, with a palace of orichalcum and obsidian, wherein a council was being held, led by the “Supreme,” a black-skinned man with four arms. In it, the Supreme announces he has come to a decision regarding the Visitor’s offer. Sophia recalls no more.

Gabriel brings up the point: perhaps they’ve discovered a reliable, if far from ideal, way to recall past and hidden memories. General consensus is mixed, some in favor of pursuing, others wary, but it’s generally agreed to pay Dr. Candy another visit after a breather. Nixie briefly grills Sophia for specific details from her memories, planning to research to see if she can confirm their validity.

An uninvited guest interrupts their meeting, to Book’s great delight and everyone else’s unease: Number Four, a superior in Nixie’s organization, who comes to share important information with them. According to him, the contents of the Halloween vial are catastrophically dangerous, designed to spread extremely quickly with an incubation period of minutes, transferred over any sort of bodily fluid. Symptom-wise, it matches up to Drago’s jam jar drug, but, according to Moguro-san Number Four, “the defining characteristic of infection is not an urge to kill. It’s an urge to hurt,” evil incarnate in absolutely no way subtle.

Any hope for a cure or treatment is in the works. Working theory is that the Halloween massacre was a feint after all, to cover up the virus’s introduction to Thunder City’s water supply. It is very probably not of this Earth, possibly from Malfeas or the Underworld, and quite possibly generated through the efforts of the Deathlord the Dowager of the Irreverent Vulgate in Unrent Veils (who sustains only one Abyssal servant at a time). [tbc]


Tuesday, December 31st, 2167


Waxing Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 587 XP



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