Small Change

Death Approaches

Story 7 - Session 17

Finally, Raven gets back to the group with news on the inevitable undead army. Unfortunately, it’s not good news: the army has been granted permission to use the gateway. The unresisted siege on Thunder City is now just a matter of time. With no indication of when they might strike, there’s a flurry of action and anxiety.

  • Al has crafted a fantastic map detail ideal routes in and around Thunder City from all magically important points of interest. Kuku takes a picture of it and forwards it to the group for easy access later.
  • Kuku has spoken to Chief Irons, who has agreed to some informal, lawful cooperation with regards to the undead army (such as holding off sending in the mortal police force unless absolutely necessary). He’s also shown interest in cooperating when it comes to Nero Drago, if strictly by the books.
  • Nixie’s scrying has proven ineffective; there’s just too many anomalies at play.
  • Both Kuku and Carmen’s attempts to secure blueprints of the Cathedral fail. To help compensate, Carmen asks her three Minis stationed outside of the Cathedral to send pictures of the outside.
  • Ear piece communicators are distributed to all group members. (Except for Book and Gizmo.)
  • Kuku and Carmen respectively hack into TV stations and cell phone services for the express execution of emergency broadcasts to the public, when the time comes for them.
  • Al calls Raven back to ask about a timeline. Unfortunately, Raven doesn’t know when the army is arriving, but may send a message redeemable through a later favor.

A little more prepared and a little less frantic, the group parts with Vincent’s suggestion to have a Halloween party at the Sycamore Lodge – one last hurrah, possibly, before shit really hits the fan.


Wednesday, October 30th, 2167


Waxing Crescent


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 551 XP



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