Motherly Bookstore Owner


Full legal name: Viktoriya Rusakova
Nickname(s): Vikky, ‘Toriya.
Caste/Aspect: No Moon Lunar
Age: 27 (Aug 24th)
Ethnicity: Caucasian (Russian)
Height: 5’7"
Weight: ???
Hair: Red
Eyes: Ice blue
App Score: 3
Anima: A blue-purple shadowy fog, edged in bright silver. Within the fog numerous black and white stripped tarantula slowly scuttle about.
Tell: Three pairs of small reflective black ‘dots’ above her eyebrows, above and slightly in front of her temples, and the last slightly behind her temples. (They’re actually spider eyes)

App: (Refer to picture until something is actually written out. Which may never happen, because lazy.)

Spirit Form: A Goliath ‘bird-eater’ tarantula with iridescent blue hair, with bright red accents around the joints and back.
War Form App: A fairly massive half-spider half-woman monstrosity (Arachne!). While in a casual standing stance she isn’t much taller than she was in human form, maybe 6’ on average, her height can vary wildly depending entirely on how high she holds herself upon her eight exceedingly long spider legs. (blue-ish skin, iridescent blue and red patterned carapace… will eventually turn this into a proper desc, mind is being annoying blank on this stuff presently)

Demeanor: Generally friendly and somewhat motherly to pretty much everyone. Has a love of books of any sort, as well as of knowledge in general. Not known for liking or personally resorting to violence if it can be at all helped. Will usually leave most fighting to her more capable companions. (Has recently picked up smoking, mostly e-cigs.)


Hometown: Thunder City
Occupation: Bookstore Owner (… ..Still not named yet.. … suggestions maybe?)
Char Relations/Connections:

  • Part of the Small Change gang. Her bookstore typically being ‘home base’ for the gang.
  • Parents are known to be deceased (the bookstore passed on to her ‘early’ because of this), though she doesn’t generally talk about how/why (car accident by sape reckless driving. Whether hit by sape car, other cars, or something worse, yet undecided.)
  • (Younger) Sister who is off exploring the world, and hasn’t been home in years. (She’s a ‘treasure hunter’, a la FF6 Locke. Potentially the contact for getting exotic/arcane books.)

((Age was altered upward by a few years to account for backstory being better defined in parts, and things just not working out well if she was quite as young as she was originally stated. Luckily she’s never really said her age, beyond “in her 20s”, I believe. And if she has, maybe she lied. >.>))


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