Thrill-seeking Individualist


Full legal name: Lakshmi Bidarkar
Nickname(s): Sophia
Caste: Changing Moon Lunar
Age: 24
Ethnicity: Asian Indian
Height: 5’7"
Weight: About 140lbs
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Appearance: 5
Anima banner: A silver-striped tiger
Tell: Luminescent yellow tiger irises and silvery stripes around her eyes.


Sophia is of a toned, athletic build, neither waifish nor muscular. She is typically seen in a somewhat dressy outfit of tailored slacks, loose-sleeved blouse, vest, low-heel boots and a light, calf-length coat. Her hair is most often worn down to her upper back, and the only visible jewelry she wears is a tiny stud in her left nostril. When she moves, it is with a silent, predatory grace.


-Sophia is a highly independent, impulsive, secretive woman, prone to restlessness in times of peace and recklessness in times of action. Though she is very driven and unyielding in matters that interest her, she seems overall unaffected, and to an extent uncaring, of other’s opinions and the group’s direction. She is a doer and not a talker, and frequently disappears during discussions she deems ‘complete’ or unnecessary. Sophia boats a broad variety of skills with a focus on subtle action.

When it comes to the group’s work with the syndicates, Sophia is driven but cautious and often pushes for the most direct approaches while minimizing risk and exposure.-

Following her accidental high with Dr. Candy’s crystal, Sophia’s quick temper and impatience have seemingly mellowed out quite a bit. Additionally, her reservations to personal openness have lessened some.



Sophia first showed up shortly after Vincent first did, and sporadically in the days following. Though her interests initially seemed to lie more with Vincent’s membership, Sophia actively joined Small Change under the explicit pretext of managing an area of Thunder City free of Syndicate and gang rule. While she does not freely speak of her circumstances, it is known that Sophia had ties to the King Syndicate once upon a time, and that she despises all Syndicates.

Thanks to an unexpected visit from the cops, it’s known that Sophia (born Lakshmi Bidarkar) is wanted for multiple misdemeanor crimes such as breaking and entering, petty larceny, disturbance of the peace, unlawful possession of a firearm, and likely many others.


  • She has an obvious romantic relationship with Vincent, her Solar mate
  • Sophia has worked miscellaneous jobs for Ziggy D for some time

Known Forms


  • Boris Sarkozy


  • Black bear
  • Cat (black)
  • Crow
  • Dog (husky)
  • Tiger
  • Owl
  • Pigeon
  • Raccoon
  • Rat


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