Psychic Weirdo and Morbid Lovefreak


Full legal name: [?]
Nickname(s): Nixie
Age: Mid-twenties
Ethnicity: Appears Asian
Height: 6’0"…? (6’2")
Weight: 150…..?? (173lbs)
Hair: Short, black, purple highlights
Eyes: Green (contacts)
Appearance: 2


Kate_Nixie-doodle_cropped.png Nixie seems smaller and lighter than she is; it might be a trick of her personality and that she’s carrying a lot. When she stands up next to someone, it’s clear that she’s built like an amazon, tall, toned, and almost flat-chested. She wears both colored contacts (usually green) and glasses, fake gauges, and a black feathered ear cuff on her left ear. Even on hot days, she layers her clothing. She often sports knee-high, flat-heeled boots and a black skirt over modesty shorts. Cheerful feathers, stars, and skulls are her favored motifs, but she is also fond of red plaids. Nixie always wears black.

faceless3.jpgAs Crow, Nixie wears a black body suit and face mask beneath a grey hoodie and pants, showing no skin or features whatsoever.

Not actually the Ghost of Christmas Future…or is it? Crow.

Recently, Nixie has demonstrated the ability to become invisible, as if her preoccupation with disguises wasn’t enough.


Nixie is a playful but contemplative teammate and a compassionate soul. Her sense of humor tends toward whimsically morbid puns and gags, though that humor remains oddly consistent without regard to her mood. Though she bares no caste mark and displays no anima or artifacts, and her intuition is borderline superhuman, Nixie’s ability to heal injuries with strikes alone has confirmed she has some sort of supernatural power. If her claim is to be believed, her touch can also cure diseases.

Nixie recently acquired a purple-flame motorcycle headed with a skull with glittering LED eyes, which she uses to travel to and from Thunder City on Vikky’s camping trip.

Typically, Nixie functions as support for the team, but occasionally will go on the offensive. She has never been hit in combat, perhaps owing to a supernatural sense of impending danger. She practices several styles of martial arts, including an unusually gentle style that leaves no signs of injury. An ability of hers causes her hands to trail a glittering crimson mist and strike as if they were blades. Her attacks against creatures of death are incredibly effective, and supposedly are able to ‘send’ spirits to a proper and final rest.

As Crow, Nixie speaks only in whispers when she has to, to disguise her gender and identity.

Recently she has displayed proficient use of a chain whip, sometimes called a seven section staff, the very weapon which Marc specialized in. She hides the weapon when not in use, and hasn’t offered any explanation to its unusually colorful, and, presumably when others are able to catch a closer glimpse, bizarrely archaic appearance.

A close up of the joining of two segments of Nixie’s sectional staff.

Nixie is none too interested in material possessions, but has a fascination with shiny objects, whether metal, plastic, or gem. She’s also fond of skulls.

“If I ever see a skull made out of diamonds, you know, I don’t know what I’ll do. A fuckin’ skull made out of diamonds. I am so turned on right now.”



Nixie always seems to know A Guy Who, personally or through Marc; she is still getting acquainted with the people of Thunder CIty. She showed up on Vikky’s doorstep one day, claiming to be Marc’s cousin and bearing a letter from him. In a way, Nixie much fulfills the same roles Marc did for the group, with the addition of her abilities.

Nixie is educated in the basics of artifacts, essence, neosapien types, manses, hearthstones, and other similar topics. She has demonstrated a beginner’s knowledge of the occult and seems genuinely capable of seeing dematerialized beings such as ghosts and demons. Perhaps most importantly, she seems to understand a bit about who and what Spiralnebel is.

Frank.png Currently Nixie has set up shack in Marc’s old room at Vikky’s. She says she needs space for “my clothes, my cool stuff, and Frank.”

Frank is Nixie’s skull. Frank may be an actual human skull. Frank sometimes has a votive candle or tea light attached to his head “for a romantic mood”. Nixie is reticent discussing Frank’s origins.

See Frank, on right, feeling “romantic”.

Nixie’s daytime whereabouts are generally unknown, but she says she likes to visit parks in the morning to meditate and practice her katas. She devotes considerable time, and seems to have some sort of commitment, to being out-and-about, but usually returns in the evening. What’s giving her money to pay rent is a mystery. On days where she stays home, she likes to bake, but is usually glued to her computer, typing for hours.


  • Marc = Nixie claims to be Marc’s cousin and says she shares a special connection with him. Trying to get the details is a pain.
  • Small Change = Nixie’s friendship with the group is still forming. She functions as the group’s facilitator, liaison, medic, and, when needed, peacekeeper.
  • Book = Nixie plays with him a lot, but Book perplexes her. They take baths together.
  • Karian = Nixie is pals with the owner of Rush.
  • Nacho = Nixie has befriended this member of Volcano, whom she describes as “a total sweetheart”, “really gentle”, and a “loveable goofball”.
  • Gabriel Dyson = Nixie has befriended Gabriel, though only recently revealed her identity to him. He often calls her ‘Nixie Crow’.
  • Cabbie = For those who can remember him, Nixie did not seem alarmed by his inexplicable presence, and accompanied Kuku on the ride to Pulse Arcade.
  • Unknown = Nixie called someone directly when Sophia was in trouble at the warehouse.
  • A Guy Who = Nixie always seems to know A Guy Who, even if not directly. Does she have mad connections?


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