Marco Nguyen

Bromantic Contemplative


Full legal name: Marco Nguyen
Nickname(s): Marc
Caste/Aspect: ?
Age: 27
Ethnicity: Korean and Mexican
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 176 lbs
Hair: Black, short, usually sticking up
Eyes: Dark brown
Appearance score: 2


If there was a textbook example of “just some guy”, Marc’s picture would feature. Tall, toned, and average-looking, there isn’t really anything that stuck out and made him physically memorable— unless it was the faces he made. He dressed casually and often in t-shirts advertizing his workplace, Champion Dojo. He wore his hair short and spiked.


Marc was typically calm and gentle, with a goofy sense of humor that drew some attention from his serious side. He cared deeply for Thunder City and its people, however, and blamed crime (particularly the Syndicates), unequal treatment, and a lack of good leadership as what’s keeping the City down. The letter Nixie gave the group, supposedly written by him, talks about the SC group’s role to play in improving the city, if they choose to.

As a person, Marc’s relative normalcy falters with observation. His sleeping habits were odd and paranoid; his network, unusually encompassing. His explorations of the city, particularly at night, were risky by any standards, and his desire to bring diplomacy to gunfights seemed downright stupid for a normal human. His weapon of choice was an archaic chain thing that seemed more likely to injure its wielder than someone else. Though affectionate and cuddly, he never showed interest in women (or men) beyond friendship. Marc could down even the spiciest food, and he always rode in the trunk.

Supposedly Marc is alive somewhere, and Sophia attests to this, but no one else recalls seeing him since that day.



Marc met and joined up with Small Change through Viktoriya’s Bookstore. He moved into the apartment upstairs to be closer to his job, which was teaching martial arts classes at the Champion Dojo downtown. He was raised learning Kuk Sool Won and later developed a passion for Aikido.

Marc seemed unusually anxious from the day just before the Night of Fire. His gut intuition took a turn from reasonable unease to near-prescience, such as his suggestion to drive out of the city before opening the briefcase that would demolish St. Alfonso’s and an entire city block. He took on an eerie calm during the battle with Fixer and began talking strangely about some kind of necessity or destiny: that Small Change knew he would die, and that by killing him, Fixer had doomed himself to an inescapable death. Marc tossed coins at the man and made a symbolic, almost superficial cut across Fixer’s throat with a knife, drawing a drop of blood. Fixer responded by tossing Marc eight stories into the air.

After the fall, the corpse’s face was destroyed by the impact, and later the body as well by Kuku, preventing it from being conclusively identified, though its dress was appropriate. Marc is presumed missing by those who knew him, and dead by the Small Change Gang, though Sophia says this is not the case.

Marc’s known family include his father and stepmother, who run a convenience store. With his older brother already deceased, they have no remaining children. Official legal news has yet to be delivered to them, as Marc’s body has not been (and never will be) recovered; he is considered missing, likely dead with his history of keeping well in-contact. Marc was first reported missing by his coworkers at Champion Dojo. His students have been hoping for his return.

Character Relationships/Connections

Small Change = A member of the group who lived with Vikky.
Nixie = She claims to be his cousin, though he never spoke of her.
A Guy Who = Marc was surprisingly well-connected, though not in a financial sense. He simply always new ‘a guy who’, whether it was a guy who could remove bullets and keep his mouth shut, or a guy who could tell you everything you ever wanted to know about biology.


Marc’s faces are really something. Unlock them all! :D


Marco Nguyen

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