Happy Codex


Full legal name: Book
Nickname(s): Bookie, Buuk
Age: ??? (he was unable to give his birthday)
Ethnicity: N/A
Dimensions: 10″ × 12″ × 1.5″
Weight: 4lbs? when awake or faux sleeping; 20lbs when in true sleep.
Hair: none, but occasionally mustache; once grew inky facial hair so Gabriel could teach him to shave
Eyes: Inky black
Appearance score: 10/10 adorable
Anima banner: None, but sprays ink sometimes


Book is a small, handheld, red leather codex with orichalcum bosses and spine. His pages resemble paper or parchment but are much more sturdy and refuse to dog-ear. His features, including his spine, are all quite flexible. His expressions, and he has many, come from ink that appears on his pages, typically two eyes. He is capable of displaying both words and complicated, full-color images. Considering his construction, he should be quite heavy, but whenever he’s awake, he seems very light. His pages— well, usually just the main two-page spread, with its changing ink— contain a wealth of knowledge.



Book is suspicious and aggressively playful, but can be reclusive when in a bad mood. He shows a clear preference for Vikky, whom he calls ‘mama’, but has taken to her friends as well, though he plays dead in front of strangers. He talks, somewhat unintelligibly, and sings in metallic humming or ringing pitches. Most of his time is spent flopping around, either investigating his surroundings or trying to get someone’s attention. He understands and speaks a kind of mock-English, but has also demonstrated at least a few words of other languages.

Though he doesn’t seem to be a genuine pervert, Book has a sort of obsession with large breasts.

It’s unclear how Book produces sound, though perhaps that is less puzzling than how he came to be self-aware and has feelings. He also eats by some unknown mechanism and can fly short distances, as well as basically manipulate handheld-type objects. He has familiarity with David Hasselhoff.

See below for a short list of some of Book’s powers.



Book was found in the Sycamore Hotel basement. It’s not clear how he got there, and asking him always results in gibberish or “Au nau nouu.” In general, Book either isn’t willing or isn’t capable of answering questions about his past, though sometimes bits slip out that vary in the sense they make.

Character Relationships/Connections

Vikky = Book calls her “Mama” and follows her everywhere, preferring to be on her lap or snuggled to her chest.
Ana = Book calls her “Aanaa” and tends to misunderstand her requests for Russian food.
Kuku = Book calls him “Kuukuu” and always summons waffles for him, or spews confetti everywhere.
Nixie = Book calls her “Mauksau” and occasionally sadly remarks on her lack of boobs. Supposedly they take baths together.
Sophia = Book calls her “Soufaaa” and likes prancing around her in cat ears.
Vincent = Book calls him “Baunbaung Waunsaun” and likes playing with him as if they’re in a western film.
Al = Book calls her “Auu” and “Auw” and is usually coaxed into her lap for affection.
Carmen = Book calls her “Kaamaun” and likes to play with her and her doggy, “Gauzmou”.
Gabriel = Book calls him “Gaubwau” and likes to ask him questions. Book sniffs him often.
Namafouu = Someone or something Book is looking for, periodically, in cabinets and under couches.
Original Mama = Who or whatever created and took care of Book previously is a mystery; Book says he was looking for his mother, but has since accepted Vikky and stayed with her.

Known Book Powers

BunBun Celebration
Color Change
Confetti Cannon
Find: Mama
Instant Christmas and Garland Thief Costume
Instant Cinco de Mayo and Mariachi Band Costume
Instant Luau and Hawaiian Costume
Know Direction: Mama
Musketeer Costume
Nekomimi and Tail
Sandwich Rain
Spray Ink
Summon (Food: waffles, burgers, etc)

Book’s food has nutritional value, but is summoned out of nowhere, and goes nowhere. When it disappears, exactly, is up to the GM.

Immunities, + AF Immunity, SidSniff

True Sleep
Book is capable of entering a true, deep sleep. During this sleep he can not be roused or called unwillingly back into consciousness. He resumes his natural weight and loses flexibility in his spine and cover and comes the closest he will to resembling a normal book. Book will wake up if his mother arrives, if he is in ‘danger’ (usually displacement: theft, entrapment, getting lost) of any kind and chooses to wake up, or upon subconscious awareness of anything interesting. Assume Book’s subconcious, however, is as aware as his waking mind, and thus capable of waking him even at a silent, visual-only stimulus. Book rarely chooses to fall into true sleep, but does so when he is bored or alone for long periods of time, or when he is depressed. Book does not usually enter true sleep provided he is with his mama.


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