Bill Nguyen

Grumpy Corner Store Owner


Full legal name: Sung Yong Nguyen
Nickname(s): Bill
Age: 58
Ethnicity: Korean
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 126 lbs
Hair: Black with Grey
Eyes: Brown
Appearance score: 2


Mr. Nguyen’s premature grey has settled in nicely, and is no longer premature. He sometimes wears glasses to read, and dresses very plainly. His clothes are always very well-pressed. Lately, his countenance in general has changed to a sour expression that only eases up when he sees people he likes; but even then, he just seems much more bitter.


Bill has always been a bit on the serious and practical side. He gives advice freely and often unsoliticited, though, only among whom he has an informal relationship. Since his son Marc’s disappearance, his sarcastic side has been slipping out and his tendency to make remarks has been stepping over social boundaries and he seems grumpy all the time. He is uncharacteristically short-tempered of late and significantly less active in his social life. Bill’s sense of humor is typically affectionate, but often at someone else’s expense.



Bill inherited the family laundromat from his father, mostly because none of his other brothers wanted it or had the skills to run it. He was happy to marry into a family with a different business and hand off most of the work, if not most of the profits, outside of the family.

Bill has been married twice. His first marriage was to Yolanda Martinez, who gave birth to both of his sons. She contracted a fast-acting cancer and passed away a few years ago; recently, Bill has remarried and his wife, Ai Wei, lives with him in his suburban home. Bill lost one of his sons, Minh, several years ago, and more recently, his son Marco has gone missing. Of his three brothers, two remain, but portions of his family— though he is second generation American— are overseas in South Korea.

In his free time, Bill likes to play strategy games with his friends, read the news, and garden.

Character Relationships/Connections

  • Marco Nguyen – Bill’s son, missing

Bill Nguyen

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