Al Meers

The Divine Brick Shithouse of the Great Spirits


Full legal name: Alhambra Florence Meers
Nickname(s): “Al,” “Albear,” “Meers,” “Auntie Al,” “Momma Bear,” “Shi-shą́ą́ʼ”
Caste/Aspect: Dawn
Age: 30(ish)
Ethnicity: Half-Navajo
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 165
Hair: Auburn (dyed)
Eyes: Brown
Appearance score: 2
Anima banner: A brown bear rampant, adorned with eagle feathers in various shades of red, blue, pink, and purple.


She is a woman of faintly exotic racial origin, possibly Native American, and most likely somewhere in her thirties. Long auburn hair, unstyled save for a part in the middle, falls partially over her face; trying to obscure a long scar that runs from her right temple to just below her right cheekbone. Her frame is sturdy: 165 pounds, 5’10", the lean, muscular build of a former dancer gone to less recreational pursuits. The manner in which she carries herself, when she moves, confirms it; while there is a grace there, it has been mostly overwritten by a wary readiness. The starting ghosts of wrinkles form around her dark brown eyes and thin lips, creasing her no-longer-soft light brown skin.
Khaki cargo pants, tall black military boots, a woven para-cord bracelet, and a gray tank top are her ‘usual,’ along with the situational addition of a paramedic’s bag, a well-worn leather jacket, a sheathed utility knife, and a brown leather belt cinched with a steel belt buckle in the shape of a bear.

Casual Wear: Today she is dressed for warm weather, in a black ribbed tank top, a pair of cargo shorts, and sturdy sandals. She is also wearing a bracelet woven of black paracord around her left wrist, and a a few essential kits and containers, including a sheathed utility knife, are attached to her brown leather belt cinched with a steel buckle in the shape of a bear. A crescent-shaped, long-healed scar is visible just above the crease of her knee on the back of her right leg, and other less-evident markings can be partially spotted on her shoulders and arms. A few sections of a monochrome tattoo are visible, reaching from shoulder to shoulder; it appears to be one large design, but the rest of it is obscured by her top.

Work Wear: Her clothing is solid, almost military grade; thick mottled-black/gray cargo pants, tall black paratrooper boots, and a fitted gray tank top. Over this is a heavy, tailored leather jacket. A thick leather belt, studded with rivets and cinched with a bear-shaped buckle supports a sheathed utility knife and a selection of gray containers marked with red crosses. Two woven paracord bracelets ‘adorn’ her wrists, function over form, and she’s also wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses and a black leather cowboy hat.

Park/Sun Wear: Today she is clearly dressed for the heat, in a pair of comfortably worn cut-off jeans and a string bikini top. She is also wearing a bracelet woven of black paracord around her left wrist, and a few essential kits and containers dangle from her belt loops. Innumerable scars, small and large, are visible on her shoulders, back, midsection, and legs: most notable among them are a long, pebbled slash (looks like a bad case of road rash) along the left side of her ribs, a knife-straight line below her right shoulder, a long swath of healed burn along her left tricep, and a crescent-shaped, long-healed gouge just above the crease of her knee on the back of her right leg. A monochrome tattoo of a Zuni bear totem stretches across her back, reaching from shoulder to shoulder; its head facing to the left and its legs extending in an arc to her ribcage.


Al’s demeanor can be described in many ways, with opinions differing depending upon which end of her temper one finds oneself upon. She can be described as “pugilistic but fair,” “good with kids,” “big and dumb,” “a loose cannon,” “scary as hell,” or “mama bear.” Like her totem, she is big, rumbly, quick to growl and quick to charge. She tends towards a loud, perhaps overly jovial and jocular form of communication, prone to malapropisms, profanity, Southwestern dialect, and a heavy drawl. A mama bear through and through, it’s well-advised not to get between her and anyone (or anything) she cares about. Sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you.


  • The Heavy – “Short Change Hero”
  • X Ambassadors – “Renegades”
  • Adam Lambert – “Ghost Town”
  • Metallica – “Wherever I May Roam”
  • Ram Jam – “Black Betty”
  • Soundgarden – “Live to Rise”
  • In This Moment – “Dirty Pretty”


Alhambra was born an undisclosed (a lady never tells, and a smart person don’t ask) number of years ago to Skye Blossom Meers and Jonathan “Leaf Chasing Horse” Harjoe. Other than the general irregularity of a nomadic lifestyle, and perhaps an overexposure to patchouli, she had an uneventful childhood.

Her adulthood, however, started interesting and has grown ever more so as time went on. Her attempts to reject the spiritual and nomadic lifestyle of her parents all ended in a “spectacular” fashion. Veterinary school ended in her dropping out, her job at a gentleman’s club (to pay off all those loans) ended with a trip in an ambulance, and the young EMT who introduced her to both kickboxing and the paramedic career had his attention diverted by an ex-girlfriend with paternity claims. Since then, it’s been back ‘on the road’, traveling from RV park to RV park, lending her heavy hand wherever it’s needed (and moving on whenever things get complicated. They always get complicated.)

Character Relationships/Connections

  • Mother – Skye Blossom Meers, Naturalist (Hippie)
  • Father – Jonathan “Leaf Chasing Horse” Harjoe, Spiritualist, Navajo Nation
  • Godmother – Maryah “Drums the Spirits’ Voices” Bluestone, Horse Rancher/Shaman, Zuni Nation
  • Familiar – Peapod the Pocket Squirrel
  • Black Betty – An extremely well-maintained 12-gauge shotgun. Acid-etched neatly into the side is, in WWII bomber-era pinup-girl script, the name “Black Betty.” Betty serves as Al’s negotiator, although mostly she only knows one Very Loud Word.
  • The Jeep – A ten year old four-door Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. She’s got a 6.2 liter supercharged 707-HP Hellcat Hemi V8 engine under the hood, a manual gearbox, and is tricked out with off-road gear, including a hard top, grille/light guards, bull bar, and some mildly suspicious dents on the hood and door panels.
  • The RV: A five year old Class A Thor Motor Coach, Survivalist Edition, with air conditioning, solar generator assist, water/air filtration and extra storage capacity. One bedroom, one full bath, with an extra descending berth above the cab and both the kitchen and living room seating convertible to beds, the motor coach can comfortably sleep six, or eight if folks are on good terms with each other. Perfect for on or off-grid living and designed for the frontier trailblazers of tomorrow.

Al Meers

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