Small Change

What's Inside

Story 3 - Session 3

In exchange for the Balas’ help with Volcano, their leader Caesar asks for just one, tiny, little thing: word is that Lightning’s prepping themselves for confrontation with some new goodies, and he wants them. Though he doesn’t know what these goodies might be, he agrees that they’ll have the Balas’ help if they can get the goods. The group is (perhaps smartly) unwilling to take Caesar’s deal at face value and leave with the promise they’ll call if they really want the job and that, if they take it, the Balas will get half of the goods up front and the other half after they help out with Volcano.

Once they’ve called to confirm they’ll take the job and have received the address, Sophia and Vikky don animal forms (pigeon and bat respectively) to check out the warehouse. They find it’s an otherwise unremarkablely straight forward warehouse guarded by about ten men, mostly Asian, two sapes included: one casually wearing a guitar and the other an armored, hulking man of sizable proportions. The warehouse is, naturally, full of crates whose contents can’t be determined from outside. The two return back to Vikky’s bookstore to report these findings.

With the threat of two sapes on their hands and the problem of how much of the crates is full of the “new goodies,” not to mention the potential transportation issues of said goods, the need to determine what’s inside the crates surfaces. Sophia takes off again in order to sneak in as a rat and ‘see’ into the crates with her powers. She returns, without issue, to inform the rest that metal ‘power suits’ are within the crates – likely all fifteen of them, two to an eight-foot crate. Transportation and confrontation versus distraction becomes more complicated. At least, it is agreed upon that the Balas should not come into possession of these suits until they assist with Volcano, and so it’s decided that what they do take from Lightning (a portion if not all of the suits) will be taken to Vincent’s manse ‘to let the heat die down.’


Saturday, July 13th, 2167


Waning Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 224 XP



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