Small Change

Unmasking the Dead and Forgotten

Story 1 - Session 3

With the ape demons taken care of, Nixie tries to navigate the group through the weird circumstances that had let them there. They figure out, with help from Nixie’s careful wording, that Marc is still alive and that he became a strange illusion-and-psychic type exalt; then Marc removes Nixie’s illusion and reveals himself, to the group’s shock. He does his best to explain his own circumstances (including that he can’t give away certain information without serious repercussions, that Marc and Nixie should be referred to separately, and that memories of Marc are difficult to retain) and Neosapien basics (manse, demenses, Essence, etc.).

He also alerts the group of an anti-Celestial Neosapien organization called Spiralnebel whose sole purpose is to annihilate any non-Terrestrial Neosapiens, regardless of personality — their mere existence validates Spiralnebel’s hunt of them. Marc hints that it’s likely they are already aware of the bank robbery Vincent and Sophia participated in the night of their exaltation, and urges the team to be hypersensitive in playing things close to the chest and keeping a low profile.

This otherwise grave sharing of knowledge is interrupted by a living, sentient, speaking Book, who is drawn to Viktoriya.

Once Marc has said (most of) everything he set out to, the group is left wondering what to do with their new-found weapons and (still new) powers. Sophia suggests that they start with taking down the King Syndicate. After agreeing on collecting information to formulate a plot, Marc dons Nixie again. Sophia, Kuku and Vincent remember the conversation they had with Marc; tragically, Vikky and Ana do not, and the memory of Marc’s return disappears from their minds.

Book says: {((9|9))} “Mama?”


Wednesday, May 15th, 2167


Full Moon


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 18 XP



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