Small Change

To Plan and Plummet

Story 1 - Session 24

Little worthwhile is learned about the deceased Boneyard boy; all Ana is able to discern is that he went down without a fight – or rather, without the opportunity to put up one. The group leaves the body and returns to Vikky’s to discuss their next plan of attack.

Foremost is the issue of the Syndicates; second is the question of the Boneyard and the events surrounding it, Julie Akagi and the fresh corpse of the boneyard boy. It’s more or less agreed that, in addition to finding syndicate members to take out, some intel will need to be done in order to adequately prepare for taking down the more powerful officers. Nixie says she’ll try to talk to her Volcano Syndicate friend, but the group is out of any other “ins” to the syndicates. It’s decided that The Greek’s artifact hammer will be taken to Rampage, under guise as a ‘gift’ from King syndicate. For the sake of sending a message to the public – whose death would give the city’s people the most hope and steer them furthest toward the City on a Hill Destiny – Nixie asks FATE and determines that Sir Arthur Comstock, Capo of King, is who they should take out. As they’d rather have an idea of a… more realistic target, Nixie agrees to re-ask after a rest.

Meanwhile, Sophia, who left Vikky’s place halfway into the discussion of plans, lands at the rooftop garden of the assumed Volcano syndicate head quarters. In her Boris form, she breaks into the Japanese-style building to inspect it; finding nothing, she heads into the building. Her search finds her in a hallway of locked doors and one open office. The man in the latter notices her but she’s successful in pretending to be a printer repairman. At the earliest opportunity, she breaks into the first locked room just as the elevator opens. Two massive men, one toting a chaingun, follow her in and shoot. She leaps out the window to avoid death by bullets (or worse) and is able only by some miracle to break her fall on a lamp post and bounce off a car.

Book says: {((n|n))} “Aus bauftaum! Mauksau baufs!”


Monday, June 17th, 2167


Waning Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
3-Die Stunt Award | 1XP (Kate)
Total | 5 XP
Running Total | 153 XP



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