Small Change

Time is Ticking

Story 4 | Session 2

While celebrating the death of Shogun is appropriate, Gabriel doesn’t let the group off on their own for too long before calling them back in to discuss their next step. He believes that since Volcano is already in a vulnerable state, if they were to pick off just a few more members – people with pride or seeming invulnerability – Volcano would be too shaken to come back from it. Additionally, they could cripple Volcano by removing its livelihood (its drug trade). Either process (the group decides why not do both?) will mark Volcano as an easy target for the remaining syndicates.

Gabriel also brings up the consideration of a manifesto: is the group ready to name itself and its goals, or is it better to remain anonymous for the time being, running the risk of the people or the syndicates giving them a name and a goal themselves? For now, the manifesto is put on the back-burner as the group focuses on who they should remove to cripple Volcano; Gabriel suggests Paola “Grindstone” and “Tick-Tock” as better options, to make it clear that this attack on Volcano isn’t just on the Pena family.

Nixie consults her Volcano man, Nacho, to see if he knows locations for either of them; she returns with the information that rather than Grindstone, the team should hit Velvet instead. Gabriel, through networking with low-status members, provides the team with Tick-Tock’s address.

With a quick recon mission to determine the state of Tick-Tock’s estate and Nixie’s check to make sure this is the right time to hit, then off they go.


Friday, July 19th, and Sunday, July 21st, 2167


Waning Quarter


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 268 XP



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