Small Change

Their Bite is Worse Than Their Bark

Story 1 - Session 20

The second day of camping, full of hiking and training, starts to wind down. Having been away all day for ‘work,’ Nixie returns to the campsite as the others gather for dinner. Their meal is rudely interrupted by a small horde of spider demons – possibly summoned by a sorcerer as assassins, who are susceptible to the bark of dogs. Combat swiftly ensues.

Kuku makes excellent use of the half-chopped fell log in their campsite, wailing on their dog-sized spider foes with it like it were a rolled up newspaper. Sophia adopts the form of a dog in hopes to wound the beasts, but the barking does little to keep them from attacking with venomous fangs; she eventually returns to human form, roiling with bestial fury. Vincent performs a blazing, spinning gun show. Ana takes on the important task of punting spiders into trees and each other like it’s no one’s business. Vikky and Nixie both channel their hands into weapons as well, the former growing silver talons over her fingers and the latter wielding a hand-become-sword.

The spiders a surprisingly tough creatures, though not particularly adept at hitting their marks. Despite several onslaughts, only a couple members are injured in the battle. By the time all the spiders are felled, Kuku and (to a greater extent) Sophia are lighting the campsite with ample anima glow.

Book says: {((>|>))} “Wuu! Wuuu!!”


Sunday, June 16th, 2167


Waning Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Creation Bonus | 2 XP (Laura)
3-die Stunt Bonus | 1 XP (Jen)
Total | 7 XP
Running Total | 126 XP



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