Small Change

The Stars Say

Story 1 - Session 25

Fleeing the scene, Sophia returns to Vikky’s to recount what little she’s learned at what might or might not be Volcano’s head quarters. The group returns to discussing who they should point themselves at next (aside from King’s Capo). After consulting Fate, Nixie announces that Arturo “El Diablo” Gomez, Rampage’s underling, is their next target – but with just a name, the group must now figure out where Gomez is and how to get to him.

Nixie announces she’ll ask around for info and talk to her Volcano friend. Sophia and Vincent head back to the maybe Volcano-HQ to watch for anyone coming in and out, while Kuku sets up cameras to record the Boneyard. (?) However, Nixie learns nothing worthwhile and Vincent and Sophia see no one of noticeable importance come or go – except for a man who tries to convince them to go for a ride. But that never happened.

Sophia calls up Ziggy D for any information about Volcano’s members. He’s able to tell her than they frequent The Angry Chef and favor the Fifth and Third as a place for recruitment. He also says that Rampage sometimes goes to The Cathedral.

Book says: {((9|9))} “Baufs pwau?”


Monday, June 17th, 2167


Waning Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 157 XP



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