Small Change

The Smoldering Remains of Volcano

Story 4 | Session 6

Al joins the group back inside the (now empty) bookstore for some coffee and a pleasant chat about crime, the syndicates, Thunder City and kicking bad guys in the nuts. It’s quickly obvious she shares certain interests with the Small Change gang and that they might benefit from some mutual back-scratching, what with Al’s medical background and all.

Partway through the conversation, Nixie gets a call of good news from Gabriel. He joins them after Nixie and Al make a pizza run (to celebrate). Though there’s initial reservation on whether Al should be present to receive the good news (considering the line of work the group does), Gabriel’s judgement call is that she’ll be fine to keep around for a while longer.

The news? The remaining Penas have left town, taking what was left of Volcano with them.

One syndicate down, three more to go.


Monday, July 22nd, 2167


Waning Quarter


Session Award | 4 XP
Significant Accomplishment Award | 10 XP
Total | 14 XP
Running Total | 298 XP



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