Small Change

The Return of Kuku

Story 7 - Session 4

Kuku to the rescue! … is what it might have been, but immediately following his grand re-entrance, Al drop kicks Princess Genocide into the next century, ending her (previously) confident attack early. When Kuku goes to separate her head from her body, though, she… evaporates into a red fog that rolls away with the breeze. Everyone hauls their glowing asses back to Vincent’s manse to talk to their newly returned friend.

Back at the lodge, Kuku recounts his ‘adventures’ with Ana – how they were on the run for so long, how they let down their guard, how Spiralnebel surrounded them, separated them. Cornered, Ana brought down the church on her and everyone else inside. There was no chance for her.

Everyone reacts with varying levels of somberness and sadness – with the exception of Vikky, who remains perfectly emotionless. It’s agreed further discussion should wait, giving everyone a chance to process and wind down.

The next evening, Vikky’s emotional dam has disappeared. Carmen brings cupcakes that would make the gods weep. Sophia delivers an update to Kuku on everything that happened since he left: the fall of Volcano, Al and Carmen joining the team, going after King but ending up with the Spiralnebel squad instead, going after Rhino but ending up with a chat with Spiralnebel, the saga with Cheveyo and demons, the fairies, Nero Drago, and finally the return of the Boneyard Catamite.

The discussion turns towards general future plans, the reputation the group has earned in Thunder City, and the question of what to do about the Creepers and if Nero Drago has anything to do with them. Gabriel mentions he might learn a telepathic means to keep in contact with everyone, but ultimately it seems Sophia’s staunch rejection would render it moot. In the meantime, looks like it’s back to ear pieces!


Thursday, October 10th, and Friday, October 11th 2167


Waning Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 496 XP



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