Small Change

The One That Got Away

Story 6 - Session 17

Perhaps from luck, perhaps from dirty rakshan tricks, Esmee Fabron escapes. Pursuit might be possible, but considering her ability to fly, their agreement to not waste their time on tracking her down, and the inevitable presence of the police arriving on the scene, the team is hard pressed to follow her. Vincent dispatches of the last remaining bodyguard, whose body disappears into thin air; Vikky tries to dispatch the gigantic hell-beast, but nothing seemingly happens. Sophia runs off, presumedly to tail Esmee. With the nigh arrival of authorities, the group gathers up and splits, Vincent on his own, all else in Al’s jeep.

Enroute to Nixie’s safe house to cool their flying colors, Nixie calls a code 9001 into emergency services to warn them of the creature they left maybe dead, maybe alive. Once inside a safe, dark room, injuries are noted: Vikky and Carmen, physical; Gabriel, ??? In scrambling to treat the wounds, Al and Carmen share a bickering self-pity fight. Gabe retreats to the next room over to rest. Nixie hides Carmen’s newly gifted Ring Grace in a box of dirt. Emotionally bruised but more or less physically okay – if drained, they sleep.

In the morning, they’re visited by an abnormally large man Nixie is quick to introduce as the person sent to help them take care of Allegro. Until Vincent and Sophia arrive to discuss how that’s going to pan out, time for a breakfast of sausage and pancakes!


Friday, September 27th, 2167


Waning Crescent


Session Award | 4 XP
3-Die Stunt Award | 1 XP (Kate)
Significant Challenge Award | 1 XP
Total | 6 XP
Running Total | 470 XP



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