Small Change

The Falling Tower

Story 1 - Session 22

In speaking through Nixie – to the silvery, female ghost who’s just materialized, the group very quickly learns that the woman was an first-hand witness to The Queen of Thunder and the events and people surrounding her rise and downfall. This includes The Street Knight and three new persons: The Ranger, The Fire in the Night, and the ghost herself.

“It was the night we found out it was all a lie,” the woman starts. "It’s… a painting smeared by water… No, tears. The colors are muddy and the shapes are faint. The night Thunder City was to be set free. The night the Street Knight would fulfill her heroic destiny and strike down the tyrant and her pets.

“We were given the order to act at a grand party. Where the Queen would be vulnerable. Unprepared. She may have thought the presence of so many innocents would hold the Street Knight at bay. It did not. No one was given quarter. No one was spared. No matter how powerless they were, every last guest fell defending the life of the woman they loved more than life itself. The Street Knight butchered her way through every single last human being in the room.

“When it was done, the Queen lay dead – and the Knight stooped to take her rainment for herself. And when she realized she had been betrayed, the Fire in the Night fell upon the Street Knight. The woman killed the beast, and met the Ranger’s wrath for it. And when it was all done, she and I were all that remained. That… is the last thing I remember. Except for the sobbing. And the screaming. And the rain.

“I remember that I awoke here. And I have been here since. Chewing on old memories like a mouthful of splinters. Wondering if I would see them again. Wondering if I succeeded, or failed.”

She goes on to say, “I wanted the city to be free. I… didn’t realize what I understand now – that a liberator is only a tyrant whose hand isn’t on the leash.”

She asks for Vikky to step up; when she does, the ghost sadly remarks that she is the next to bear the suffering she had, and that history is about to repeat itself. As she laments this, she realizes – remembers that there was a sixth figure in her past, one whose memory is hazy to her. What she knows for certain, as it was predicted by “The Boddhisatva Anointed by Dark Water,” Thunder City, the city she and her associates set out to save years ago, is doomed to fall again. Set on sparing Vikky the same fate she suffered, the ghost solidifies into an ethereal spider woman and lashes out at all but her precious ward.

Ultimately – unsurprisingly – the spider woman is unable to spare Vikky her cruel fate and falls in battle at Ana’s hand. She’s not ‘dead’ for good, however; Nixie must return and give her a proper ending for her to move on entirely.

The group is left to contemplate what they’ve learned, deciding that, if this group of six corresponds to their group of six, Ana is the best candidate to become the next Queen of Thunder. Vincent is adamant in suggesting the woman was simply crazy and that reincarnation has nothing to do with them. Nixie explains that there are only two outcomes for Thunder City’s future: the Falling Tower, destruction – something the spider woman mentioned verbatim – or the City on a Hill, on the path of greatness. Nixie’s been trying to guide the city (and the group) on the path towards City on a Hill. When she prompts Sophia about the Ranger and Sophia suggests the Ranger ‘was’ Vincent, he grows very testy and fires off two shots.

After a tense moment when the group confirms their objective hasn’t changed, Nixie finds a map of Thunder City with a small circle on a dead-end street and a hand written note: The gate opens only when someone whispers to the moon, “When the Silver Lady turns away, I walk gratefully in her shadows,” and kisses it. Nixie assumes it’s a gateway, but others suggest it could be something else. Either way, it warrants a search once they’re back in the city.

Book says: {((6|6))} “Nuuu? Puuuu?”


Sunday, June 16th, 2167


Waning Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Creation Bonus | 4 XP (Kate)
3-Die Stunt Award | 2 XP (Kate + Jen)
Total | 10 XP
Running Total | 144 XP



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