Small Change

The Fall of the First Pillar

Story 3 - Session 10 | End of Story 3

Nixie has determined the best time to strike. A day after their final meeting, it’s time to begin.

With perfect timing, the newly-known-to-not-be-actually-dead Marc takes up Nixie’s part in this plot, joining Vikky and the Suns at Casa del Sol Naciente. When Marc is informed that Sophia, Vincent and Gabriel have successfully filched the helicopter from Lightning’s warehouse (seemingly without a hitch), he gets to work making a (gentle) demand of protection money from the restaurant owner, who would have little to do with his nonsense. Above, Sophia confirms that an envoy of Volcano cars is on the way; the troops at Casa del Sol mobilize and prepare in what time they’re given. Vikky hangs back across the street.

Soon enough, Camillo “Junior” Marquez and his posse arrive, generously offering Marc the chance to apologize and get away (or so he says). Vikky becomes the focus of a mystery friend. Elsewhere, Gabriel drops off Sophia, Vincent and Cheveyo at the top of Volcano’s headquarters. In two places at once, combat breaks.

Despite having a slight upper hand, Camillo’s men are no match for Vikky’s sorcerous power; with one summon of obsidian butterflies, she incapacitates a great majority of Volcano’s soldiers; most of the rest flee in utter terror, leaving Camillo on his own. Marc allows him to make his retreat (to Vikky’s and Ayawamat (Cheveyo’s right-hand man)’s slight dismay).

On the other side of town, the respectable samurai Shogun is swiftly, brutally ended, brought down before the full power of his skills can be demonstrated.

Below, Volcano is in chaos.

(End of Story)


Thursday, July 18th, 2167


Waning Gibbous


Session Award | 8 XP
Total | 8 XP
Running Total | 260 XP



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