Small Change

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Story 3 - Session 2

With getting back to the syndicates on their minds, the group reconvenes, with Gabriel and without Ana (who is tending to some business matters). Nixie announces her hesitations of going straight for Shogun, and it’s decided that they still need to work on their tactic. Gabriel helpfully suggests that they recruit some ‘help’ to distract the greater part of Volcano while they take on its head: either Thunder City Dance Squad or the 8th Street Balas.

Both have their advantages and drawbacks. TCDS has two known neo sapiens within their rank and might actually be good candidates for true allies; there also aren’t many of them, and it will be more difficult to convince them to team up with the group. On the other hand, the Balas have quite a few more members (50-100 to judge by Vikky), no known neo sapiens among their ranks and can be (supposedly) more easily convinced to attack Volcano if promised their power. On the plus, if the highly violent Balas don’t make it out of the fight, it’s taking care of two bad things at once.

As it is, Gabriel has an old client who’s in with the Balas; TCDS would have to wait until the music concert next week, if anything, so the group goes for the Balas first. It’s off to Rush again to meet Gabriel’s unnamed contact.

Once there, Kuku and Sophia (who seemingly has recovered from her mishap the week before) work the contact together, announce their group is the one that took Rampage out, and ask to speak with the Balas’ leader. The contact complies once proof is secured, and they head off to the poorly maintained south side of Thunder City to meet the man: Caesar Amaro.

Caesar’s initial cool disbelief changes when Kuku summon’s Rampage’s hammer as proof they were the ones who took her out, but he’s still hesitant to team up with four (without Vikky-spider and Ana missing) unknown sapes to take down Volcano — so he offers an exchange. If the group can get him Lightning’s newest gadget…

Book says: {((o|O))} “Twaunsaus.”


Saturday, July 13th, 2167


Waning Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 220 XP



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