Small Change

Sycamore Trees

Story 1 - Session 1

Called together by Kuku a month after their night of glory and death, the group gathers at Viktoriya‘s bookshop. Their get-together is interrupted even before it begins by a mysterious girl named Nixie, who claims to be Marc’s cousin there to deliver a message from the late member. She is initially resistant to sharing the note with the group due to there being ‘one less person’ than she anticipated (Sophia is not present at this time), but the others eventually convince her to share Marc’s note.

The note is inspirational but a little cryptic, leaving the group tense and skeptical of Nixie’s claim to relation. Nixie also shares an even more cryptic song, “Sycamore Trees.” After a brief debate and with no other hints to go by, the group decides to wait for Sophia and then scope out the Sycamore Trees Lodge and Hotel, the only place in Thunder City that has a thing to do with sycamores.

When they arrive, the Lodge and Hotel has been, seemingly, abandoned and untouched for years, with no hint of recent prior activity. Their cautious inspection leads them downstairs where, after picking a lock, they discover a heavy wooden door. As it cannot be opened from their side, Anatolia graciously demolishes the door so they can proceed.

What they find at the end of the hallway is nothing short of utter splendor.

“For those for whom cruelty is not strength and kindness is not weakness.”

Book says: {((o|o))} “Nu?”


Wednesday, May 15th, 2167


Full Moon


Session Award | 2 XP
Total | 2 XP
Running Total | 6 XP



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