Small Change

Shut Up and Dance

Story 7 - Session 7

A meeting is called the following evening: they have the location of the Creepers’ leader, Baron von Shinto; they should probably truck out there and let him know he and his aren’t welcome in Thunder City either. The whole group suits up and shoves off, quite literally crashing a Creeper party.

Rather than teaching von Shinto a lesson through blood and tears, however, the group opts to play on his terms and participate in a dance off for superiority. Kuku manages to dance his ass off to pleasant results, earning von Shinto’s deferment. Gabriel sanctifies an agreement that von Shinto and his people will go unharmed and curse-free so long as he and his don’t commit any criminal acts. They also inform him that they were the ones who cleared out the syndicates, and about Nero Drago having come around to pay some Creepers for graffiti work, and caution that von Shinto steer clear. Seemingly though, for the first time maybe ever, they’ve managed to take care of business without hurting a single person!


Saturday, October 19th, 2167


Waning Crescent


Session Award | 4 XP
Challenge Award | 1 XP
Total | 5 XP
Running Total | 509 XP



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