Small Change

Shouldn't Exist

Story 4 | Session 4

The battle of maids is a brief but intense volley of bullets. Tick-Tock does not flee the scene and is as weak an opponent as his body guards are worthy. They manage to land a few blows on Vincent. Sophia needs little encouragement to join the fight through a self-made hole in the ceiling while Vikky hangs back. Cheveyo and Nixie take Tick-Tock down with little issue, though the maids give Cheveyo (and Sophia, to a greater degree) some trouble.

Something’s amiss, though. Cheveyo loses his composure when one of the maids screams at him, “You shouldn’t even exist! You already almost ruined this world!” In a moment, tears have sprung to her eyes, her stoicism in pieces. “Even the Street Knight realized it! That’s why she killed herself! She knew… She knew she’d only tear this world to pieces.” He plows her down in an instant and attempts to regain his cool.

Another felled maid oddly says, “I can’t feel my… parts,” and dares Sophia to shoot her, ending the night. Vikky asks and Cheveyo warns Sophia to pause, so they can learn more about what the maids were talking about, but their requests go ignored. Their questions die with the maid.

Cheveyo retrieves a phone from Tick-Tock and the hard drive to the only computer in the house; there is nothing else worth keeping in the house. Cheveyo leaves the group and the rest meet back up at Vikky’s place.

“There’s something about all this that sits kind of weird with me, and I just realized what it is. First off, hearing about the Street Knight’s suicide. Also hearing them called ‘her’, but maybe there’s just some debate over which of those is correct. But here’s what gets me about the first part: How did they even know that?”


Sunday, July 21st, 2167


Waning Quarter


Session Award | 7 XP
3-Die Stunt Award | 1 XP (Kate)
Total | 8 XP
Running Total | 280 XP



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