Small Change

Send Off

Story 5 - Session 18

Eventually, even those chosen by the gods must perish. At long last, after resisting death for so long, Cheveyo falters and falls… just in time for Alejandro and the Suns, whom he ordered away before, to disobey and come to their master’s aid far too late. Exhausted in every sense of the word, the group implores Alejandro and the others to stand down rather than cut them down, too. Vincent scares the rest away, but Alejandro remains with every intention to fight them, until Al reaches his ears to stop.

Cheveyo’s loyal friend collects his body. Revenge is obvious and foremost on Alejandro’s mind. If he is not killed here and now, he will with almost undeniable certainly be back. Still, he is allowed to leave, Cheveyo in arms.

The mirror is gone. It’s not where Cheveyo said it was, nor is it in any neighboring rooms. Whether it was carried away long ago, or during their fight, Marc points the group in the right direction. They recover the mirror at last, unguarded and alone, in an old, cracked parking lot. The call to have it taken into custody is made, and shortly they’re rid of it.

“Don’t worry. You’ll never have to see it again.”

(End of Story)


Friday, September 6th, 2167


Waxing Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Challenge Award | 2 XP
Total | 6 XP
Running Total | 427 XP



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