Small Change

Satans Sandy Ass Crack

Story 5 - Session 10

With Sophia and Vincent in the mirror, the rest consider what to do. They agree it’s unwise to send everyone into the mirror, so Vikky and Al hop through the portal while Nixie, Gabriel and Carmen guard it from the other side.

The four find themselves deep down the rabbit hole in a strange desert with a green sun and a crimson moon. Cheveyo waits for them, perched on the remains of ruins wrought in livid-hued stone. This, according to Cheveyo, is the body of what was once Malfeas. He has come here, “to amend the greatest mistake – the greatest sin – of the Solars. The wicked day that hubris cost us everything.” He claims the Yozi, the demons, are not all evil, and he wishes to free them from Malfeas into the world as penance for when the neosapiens of many years ago crushed Malfeas. He reaches for his scytharp to sing the story, but settles to speak it instead at the party’s protest.

“It began in the Advent, then. That dark time when Neosapiens first emerged and the world was bathed in destruction its people hesitate to even remember. It was not just us who had noticed this change, however. From the farthest outer darkness, from beyond the stars, from the border of reality, the distant flashes of power were visible.

“They stirred the attention of cosmic beings, older than any life on this planet. They set across the sea of stars to our tiny speck of floating rock to greet us, those who had finally drawn their attention, like insects arranging themselves to spell a legible message in the dirt.

“They met with the first Neosapiens. Those who had exceeded all others, whose powers were too great and far-reaching to even be recognized as mortal works. Their spokesperson was the First, whose name is only remembered and recorded as the King of Heroes – though it may have been a man, or it may not. The Yozis hailed them. Our planet, our species, had earned their attention – even admiration. They would become humanity’s patrons, now that we finally had the means and power to open avenues through which we could even relate to such intelligences. They would become our shepherds. Our teachers. We could have been protected wards of… of the closest thing, perhaps, to what we could ever call God.

“Imagine what could have been. The secrets of the cosmos laid bare, to a human race at last able to comprehend them. We would have seen the end of war, the end of hunger – the end of the toilsome way of life we’ve known all our history. No longer would it be our bitter row to hoe. And the King of Heroes heard this out, and spoke:

“’By our own grace alone will we be saved,’ he said. ‘We have no need of gods.’ And he gripped the emperor of the cosmos, the shining one, the pinnacle of all existences. And the King of Heroes broke him.

“The King and the King’s circlemates slaughtered the gods. They crushed them into the fabric of the cosmos. Their corpses sunk into the aether of the world, deep, forming the abscess of the Underworld. Those that lived were netted in their mangled king, whose broken body was sculpted around them into a prison. The deaths of those for whom death did not exist sickened the very universe. Even now they howl beneath the Underworld, sunken into Oblivion, in permanent paradox. The souls of the dead siphon down to them by the gravity of their presence.

“So the gods became the Yozis. Their component souls became Demons. And in fair-play turnabout, we record the once King of Heroes who doomed the cosmos by a new name: Leviathan.”

It is, in Cheveyo’s opinion, that releasing the demons to the world will allow the neosapiens to reform and become the stewards of the world they should have always been. It is, in the party’s opinion, that any demon is bad news and that they should get the hell out of Satan’s sandy ass crack and ask for Nixie’s input before making a decision.

Nixie sends out a call to someone she knows for advice on what to do with the mirror and how to handle the problem at hand. She takes the opportunity to inform everyone (in part) about the nature of her job as Reality Police.


Thursday, September 5th, 2167


Waxing Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 400 XP



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