Small Change


Story 1 - Session 23

Having returned to Thunder City from their camping trip, the group strides out to inspect the map they discovered in the church. While near Vikky’s bookstore, the area they head into is in progressively worse shape. A homeless looking man approaches them on their way, saying that he recognizes Sophia and Ana, and remembers that they had questions; the two claim to not know him and continue on their way with his departing warning of “Watch your anus!”

Their arrival to the marked dead-end alley initially yields nothing; it looks precisely like unremarkable alley. The group endeavors in inspecting it, however, and Sophia discovers a silver gate hiding in or as the brick walls. She speaks the phrase found with the map, kisses the gate, and it swings open. They have discovered the Sanctuary of the Silver Lady.

A mid-sized tiger statue rendered in marble greets them inside. Sophia inspects the gem set in its eye, expressing some unspecified discomfort about coincidences. Nixie easily identifies the gem as a hearthstone, and Sophia tests it out. Owing to the obvious tiger statue and the nature of manse and hearthstone both, the ownership of the manse passes to Sophia. With little to inspect inside the manse, the team verifies that non-manse-owners and non-Lunars can get inside with use of the password and gesture, then leaves.

On their way out, a man Kuku affirms is from the Boneyard Boys sits outside in the alleyway, sobbing hysterically and ignoring all the group’s attempts to catch his attention. When turned around by Kuku, the group comes face to face with a scene familiar to Julie Akagi’s corpse: pruney, shriveled eyes that leak blood into the puddle below the fellow, who starts screaming. Nixie soothes the man enough to get a few words out of him.

“Don’t… talk… to the devil. Don’t… even listen.”
“Yeah. Don’t be afraid anymore …Who did this to you?”
“The devil… oh god, it was the devil.”
“What’d he look like?”
“So… beautiful.”

And the boneyard boy passes away.

“Coincidence. A message maybe. From the murderer. To play an all-seeing eye. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s just our dumb luck. And his luck.” – Nixie

Book says: {((9|9))} “Muuun mauns? Aus ausauns??”


Monday, June 17th, 2167


Waning Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 148 XP



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