Small Change

Rush In Party Crashers

Story 1 - Session 6

Briefly meeting up at Vikky‘s beforehand (to suit up for the Drag Night – Kuku, Vikky, Nixie and Ana all attend in costume), the group sets out separate for Rush with their meeting with Ziggy D, to avoid arousing suspicion if seen together: Kuku and Ana on bike, Vincent and Sophia by car, and Vikky and Nixie by foot. When they arrive. Sophia and Vincent head off to speak with Ziggy while everyone else plays look-out. The two learn that (at least presumably) Ziggy has never met with Simon Carrel but once, did not pass Sophia’s name to him and was not aware of the photo taken of him and Sophia that was found on Simon’s computer.

Just as Sophia is about to wrap up her demi-interrogation, a group of six well-dressed men pour into Rush. One aims a gun at Vincent and chaos immediately erupts. The scuffle is quick and kills three of the men, incapacitates two and injures one. Kuku demonstrates a knack for dramatics (and attempts to feign some level of innocence) by attacking the men, in full drag, screaming, “OH MY GOD” repeatedly. The last conscious man yields to the rag-tag group. Sophia promptly demands who sent them and why; he answers that Simon Carrel hired them to find and bring Ziggy to him. Vincent and Sophia take the man into custody for further questioning off grounds; Kuku and Ana beat a retreat together once the dust settles, and Vikky and Nixie stay back only long enough to partially console Karian Donovan, Rush’s owner, before taking off as well, before the police arrive.

Book says: {((o|o))} “Hau kaum Kuku haab buubs?”


Thursday, May 30th, 2167


Waxing Crescent


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 32 XP



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