Small Change

Riverside Fiesta

Story 1 - Session 9

T-minus two and a half hours until Volcano‘s drug shipment gets in, the group gathers at Vikky’s to plot out their next course of action. They decide that the best method to dissolve King and Volcano’s tentative truce s to start a deadly fight between the Volcano members on shipment duty and a group of King members – regardless if the latter is actually King or just the group in disguise. Ideally, the group would let one Volcano member live to tell the story it was King that sprung up on them. If King actually shows up to the dock (Sophia‘s intel on Simon Carrel prior to and after leaving for the dock at least hints he won’t be there), Sophia agrees to put on Carrel’s as disguise and pretend that the group is ‘reinforcements.’ Either way, King or no, the team agrees to put Sophia on sniper duty and make the first shot.

With that settled, the group dons masks and heads out: Kuku as a unicorn, Vincent as a squirrel, Nixie as a grim-reaper type, Viktoriya as a pigeon, and Ana and Sophia with boring ski masks.

Having arrived quite early, the group witnesses a lone cop (without a car nearby to speak of) patrolling the docks. Round about 10pm, a truck finally pulls up; a handful of men (and one burly woman!) pile out. A curly-haired man (most likely Elmo “The Greek” Stamos) supposedly pays the cop, who then leaves. The man comes to investigate the groups car, but Vincent successfully plays it off that they’re all on drugs at the time, and they don’t get any trouble out of it.

At 10:34, a riverboat pulls into dock, manned by a few more Volcano members and an older gentleman (most likely Pedro “The Fish” Hernandez). Sophia, on her perch atop the garage opposite the boat, waits a few more minutes before cracking off a shot at the now more obviously Neo Sapien curly-haired man, who retrieves his giant stone sledge. In the same moment, Volcano members open the garage, letting a number of King guys spill out onto the dock, led by a man wielding a cleaver axe. Chaos breaks out, helped further by the group rushing into battle as well – Kukunicorn with his baseball bat, Squirrelcent with his guns, and Ana with her fists. (Nixie and Pigeontoriya remain in the car.)

Volcano and King members drop like flies between the crossfire. The Sape leading King (an obvious fire aspect) shows a certain distasteful desire for bloodshed. The Sape leading Volcano (an obvious earth aspect) stands his ground to lead his men, though two abandon ship alongside the older man. Kuku defends himself against a flaming artifact axe with a mere bat. Ana goes pedal to the floor in a flurry of attacks, felling three men at once.

When she goes for her next target – one she has decided to spare due to the spunk he’s shown – he exalts.


Saturday, June 1st, 2167


Waxing Crescent


Session Award | 4 XP
Stunt Award | 1 XP
Total | 5 XP
Running Total | 47 XP



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