Small Change


Story 6 - Session 13

With a few days to… get their minds off of the more alluring parts of Esmee Fabron, the group reconvenes to discuss what exactly to do with the beautiful creature. Gabriel’s verdict is that she’s dangerous – maybe to them, probably significantly more to the community – and she lied straight-up about not ‘dining’ on the citizens of Thunder City. Even if she’s misunderstood and actually good, the resources it would take to monitor her simply don’t exist. What’s more, Nixie announces her people want them to take care of her on their own but are sending backup to address the CEO and his Allegro freehold.

Perhaps a bit reluctantly, it’s agreed the best option within their means is to end the dame’s existence in Thunder City. Before they can feel comfortable with doing that, however, all agree to take up the frustratingly esoteric task of hardening their minds against any future emotional manipulation. Then it’s just a matter of how best to attack an alien being of unknown capabilities within her own home.

Once it’s been decided and a few choice party members leave, Al, Vikky and Nixie have a chat about Al’s date with Gabriel and Carmen’s obvious upset.


Monday, September 23th, 2167


Waxing Crescent


Session Award | 0 XP
Total | 0 XP
Running Total | 463 XP



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