Small Change


Story 1 - Session 15

Still in The Boneyard, Nixie and Ana make a last sweep to see if they can find out any extra tips about The Boneyard Boys; all they find is a blind ghost. The group remains a while longer to try and determine their next plan of action, eventually declaring they’ve done all they could here and that they should leave so that Ana can call the cops come morning, so Nixie and Vikky can investigate the cosmology of the gateway to the land of the dead, and so Kuku can investigate The Boneyard Boys further.

As they leave, Sophia spots a man and his car hanging out by Vincent‘s. She warns the others and tries to distract him as a crow, but he effortlessly catches her. The rest of the group follows her up and the man supernaturally convinces Kuku that he needs a ride to Pulse Arcade – one of the places Spiralnebel’s Boris the Spider is affiliated with. Nixie gets in with Kuku (and the shoulder-riding Spider Vikky) while Ana struggles to take Kuku’s bike. Vincent drives separately and Sophia crows out to Pulse.

When they arrive, their mysterious ‘taxi driver’ takes off, leaving them to witness the destruction within Pulse. (Vikky and Kuku completely forget how they get to Pulse in the first place, while everyone else remembers.) Rampage has already destroyed much of the interior. Naturally, there is some initial confrontation – primarily from Nixie, who makes it clear she wants to stop and take on Rampage here and now. The rest seem less troubled by her destroying the place, since it’s supposedly owned by Spiralnebel. Sophia seems outright delighted and talks Nixie away from starting something with Rampage… only to seemingly start the opposite of Nixie’s intentions.

Book says: {((6|6))} Gouuuust!


Saturday, June 8th, 2167


Waxing Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Creation Bonus | 2 XP (Kate)
Total | 6 XP
Running Total | 87 XP



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