Small Change

Raisin Questions and Chasing Answers

Story 1 - Session 18

Julie Akagi is undoubtedly dead. The group conducts a brief inspection of her apartment and her body, trying not to disturb the scene too much. Ana is able to determine there was no struggle, that she’d been in the room the few hours before her death likely two days earlier, and that all doors and windows were locked save for the front door. None of this explains the shriveled corpse and the pool of unidentifiable body fluids, however.

Nixie, being gross, makes a passing comment about eating one of Julie’s eyeballs later. Vikky, even with help from Book, can’t find anything on the corpse’s state. Nixie, being even grosser, tastes some of the fluid in hopes it’ll help enlighten her; it doesn’t.

Without the foggiest idea of if it’s sape powers, supernatural beings or a strange disease, the team leaves. Nixie expresses the desire to tell Dyson, Julie’s lawyer, about her death in person, and sets off to do so; with nothing better to do, the rest stand by.

As Nixie breaks news to Dyson, the remainder of the group discuss what to do next with the syndicates, as waiting for shit to hit the fan hasn’t seemed to paid off. When Nixie rejoins them, the discussion develops into a bit of a disagreement. On one hand, Sophia wants to waste no more time chasing after ‘dead ends’ like the Boneyard Boys and Julie Akagi when they could be focusing on the syndicates. on the other hand, Nixie wants to pursue these strange happenings to assure nothing worse develops from them. The two agree that Nixie will continue pursuing what she likes, with assistance from those who desire to, but Sophia and Vincent will focus on the syndicates – unless Nixie knows for sure what she’s found needs to be dealt with immediately.

Book says: {((>|>))} Mauk aut waun! Kuukuu maukaun aut waun!


Sunday, June 9th, 2167


Waxing Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Creation Bonus | 4 XP (Laura)
Total | 8 XP
Running Total | 111 XP



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