Small Change

Put Down the Beast

Story 2 - Session 8 | End of Story 2

The newly birthed Beast of Extermination cannot last long. Against six Celestial neosapiens, the unidentifiable neosape Jimmy has become still falls. Ana fulfills the finishing move. They have little time after he passes on before the cops arrive. On a lark, Ana and Kuku decide to stay behind to deal with the cops, hoping to spin their stories as concerned civilians instead of participants while Vincent and Vikky take off in the van. Ana clocks Kuku in the eye for authenticity’s sake. Sophia grabs a satchel full of armaments from the garage before taking off.

Ana and Kuku are, of course, arrested and brought in for questioning. Chief Irons himself takes notes during both of their separate statements, which they miraculously manage to coordinate. They claim they heard a bomb go off as they were leaving the area and rushed back only for some masked folks (three or four by Ana’s claim) to steal their van and take off.

Vincent and Vikky arrive at the Sanctuary of the Silver Lady after losing the cops – well, shooting them off the road. Vikky calls up Gabriel to inform him of what transpired. Soon after, he collects Nixie and they both head to the Sanctuary as well. Sophia arrives shortly, having gone to Kuku and Ana’s fake apartment to collect the hard drives Kuku hacked earlier. Ana and Kuku come in last once they’re released, without issue (seemingly) from TCPD.

The consensus is obvious: they did what was necessary, but it wasn’t a clean job – not that it was a routine job remotely. Gabriel has no idea about the strange exaltation, but he does recognize Jimmy’s armor as being the same kind the Street Knight wore. (Armor which, by the way, Ana felt a draw towards like she did her other artifacts.) Gabriel knows nothing about the Street Knight’s gang, however.

At the very least, with Jimmy out of the way, they can get back to their intended goals: kicking syndicate butt.

Book says: {(( | ))} ::plays dead::

(End of Story)


Saturday, July 6th, 2167


Waxing Quarter


Session Award | 8 XP
Total | 8 XP
Running Total | 212 XP



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