Small Change

Progress and Plotting

Story 5 - Session 4

A few days pass. Sophia calls the group together to share information she’s learned. Vincent has nothing to report on the DA’s safety beyond how boring it is. Nixie announces she’s learned that the German is an older white male with white hair who completed a one man raid on Volcano; it’s undetermined if this was before or after their own raid.

Borphia shares:

  1. The girl gang in Dublinsky park will watch over the Boneyard for them.
  2. Sophia found Boris the Spider at the Pink Flamingo and followed him back to his apartment. When she searched the room, she found nothing of consequence.
  3. One of Rhino’s higher-ups, Arthur “Warlord” Stephens, completes his arms dealing, at least in part, at Dublinsky park. Sophia’s girl gang is open to the idea of arranging a deal with him.

Sophia shares an idea where they draw Arthur out for a deal, stage a fake attack and allow one of her forms, Tanisha, to ‘save the day’ so as to increase her appeal to Rhino. Gabriel suggests that, if they get their hands on Arthur, he can simply read his mind to extract relevant information. Getting Arthur drunk is offered as an option to make this easier for Gabe, and the Dance Squad is fleetingly considered as assistance.

Ultimately, Nixie asks the powers that be and determines their best bet for getting information on Rhino’s upper management is to kidnap Arthur, let Gabe plunge his mind, then have him swear a supernatural oath to prevent him from blabbing about the ordeal to anyone else. They’ll need to obtain a trailer truck and some fire-resistant restraints for the fire aspect before they kidnap him, but Sophia confirms that her girls will arrange the deal, and lets the group know they have until September 2nd to get everything they need together.


Wednesday, August 28th, 2167


Waxing Crescent


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 374 XP



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