Small Change

Not an Easy Lover

Story 6 - Sessions 14-16

Session 14

Onward to Euphorie. Two things are agreed upon before leaving: 1) if Esmee flees the scene, they will not pursue and 2) they shouldn’t worry about holding back and just let their true colors fly.

The plan is straight forward. Sophia enters Euphorie as a tiger through the back room and chases all of the customers out of the building, first floor and basement. When the rooms are cleared, one team enters the back door and the other team enters through the front to cut off Esmee’s escape routes. She’s successfully trapped with two of her bodyguards. Gabriel confronts her, challenging her honesty. Esmee, naturally, claims innocence – that she used to be bad but now she’s good. Gabriel sees right through her and her attempt to sway them under her spell again.

When Gabriel asks if she will leave not only Thunder City but this world and return into her own, she refuses. And that’s when lets them glimpse the horror behind her perfect facade

Session 15

Euphorie’s basement becomes much more cramped as Esmee summons a gigantic centipede-leech beast. Her bodyguards whirl into action. Esmee herself simply sits back and watches as her three pets begin their assault, casually turning her eye to Gabriel. Vikky’s magic casting makes her a target and earns her a pretty wound. Nixie rushes over to intervene. Carmen’s lashed at by the terrifying hell beast, which Vincent shortly challenges to a duel. Sophia bursts one of the bodyguards’ head. A few moments of this massacre is all it takes for Esmee to choose to take her leave, bowing out of the stage. Of course, her escape won’t be tolerated.

Session 16

As Esmee attempts escape, Vikky completes a spell that should have, by all rights, at least deeply wounded her. Instead, the fae slips away unharmed. When Gabriel blockades her exit, she pleas for his help; when he resists her wiles, Esmee ravishes his unwilling spirit with her six, unseen mouths and moves past him anyway. Vincent fells the terrifying beast. Nixie attempts to cut Esmee down, but she refuses. Carmen’s follow-up attempt ends similarly. Al strikes at the remaining bodyguard only for him to literally disappear into thin air, shortly found blocking the way out as Esmee flees up the stairs and out of the building.

While Nixie’s attempts to pass are fruitless, Carmen and Sophia manage to slip past him in hot pursuit. Rather than slip past him, Vincent simply guns him down (with the finishing blow from Nixie). Esmee is already out the door, however, and literally floating away into the night sky when Sophia and Carmen make it out. Sophia tries to gun her down, but it isn’t quite enough. Carmen is much more successful, and yet, the fae still doesn’t die. Instead, Carmen is left in the possession of a rakshan grace and Esmee floats on…


Friday, September 27th, 2167


Waning Crescent


Session Award | 0 XP
3-Die Stunt Award | 1 XP (Ven)
Total | 1 XP
Running Total | 464 XP



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