Small Change

More Than We Wanted And Less

Story 1 - Session 5

With Simon Carrel successfully lured from his home by Sophia, the group moves in to get their job done. Sophia takes Simon’s form once they arrive to “let guests in” and avoid any suspicious attention. Nixie and Ana linger outside as watchdogs while Kuku, Vincent, Sophia and Vikky head inside. The four of them run into a older Korean maid who claims she fell asleep, but with "Simon"’s dismissal, she leaves the premise to him and his friends.

After locating the computer (and a thorough check for cameras that tips off the group to the house’s security network), Kuku disables the security and begins working through the extra layers of security to discover any sort of data that might be of remotest interest to them. In the meanwhile, Vincent has Nixie move his car, the suspiciously lingering maid is picked up by her ride, and Sophia periodically zones out, presumably to keep tabs on Simon’s location and activity. (After one such moment, she mentions a contact in Simon’s phone, “Boris the Spider.” A poor spider nearly meets its death due to her suspicion it may be a neosapien of some kind.) Once Kuku collects a sufficient amount of data and patches up the computer, Sophia hacks into the safe to discover a slew of debt papers and a solitary Polaroid of a beautiful Japanese woman in traditional garb. They complete their intended job with little (obvious) danger or misfortune and return back to Vikky’s bookstore.

Several things come to light when the group pours over the collected information:

  • The general password to Simon’s computer is ‘sophia,’ despite the fact Simon should not know Sophia by that name.
  • A file named Sophia.jpg was found on Simon’s desktop. The image shows Sophia meeting with a man both she and Vincent identify as Ziggy D. The image is at least one month old.
  • An email by the subject of Re: Re: Re: Re: Sighting, dated May 28th. “These are the orders from Spiralnebel. Just hang on to the photo. – Elias Hargrave" and Simon’s reply beforehand, “This is a Sape?”
  • An email by the subject of Volcano shipment, dated May 25th. " Volcano‘s getting the new shipment in a week. You’ll be responsible for assisting with distribution if we can intercept it. Have your couriers ready for heavy traffic. Offload it on the Balas if nothing else works. – Elias Hargrave"
  • An email by the subject of ALERT: Activity in Thunder City, dated April 17th. “A giant anima was spotted by some informants in Thunder City. It’s Celestial. Instruct your subordinates NOT to engage any Celestial neosapiens and to pass word to their superiors. We are working to confirm this. Lightning is apparently leaning on news organizations to discredit these sightings.” The email has no easily discernible From or To addresses.
  • An email by the subject of Seriously, a bear?, sent by “A bear broke into the Pink Flamingo and raided the stockroom. I just thought you should know.” with a reply of “Thanks.” The Pink Flamingo is in Rhino territory, and there is no discernible reason why Simon would be included in this email. Fantasy Island appears to be an online gambling site. Sophia suggests that “bts” is Boris the Spider. A WHOIS domain search turns up with Clarence Woodchuck, quite possibly a dummy name.

As it would seem there is some foul play at hand with Ziggy D and Simon, Vincent calls to set up a meeting with Ziggy to discuss (or forcibly extract) any information regarding that at Rush the very next night. The group also loosely agrees to take advantage of their knowledge of the Volcano shipment, set to occur three days later.

The night wraps up with Nixie, Ana, Vikky and Kuku discussing going in drag to freak Vincent out.

Book says: {((o|o))} “Waafaa?”


Wednesday, May 29th, 2167


Waxing Crescent


Session Award | 4 XP
Challenge Award | 2 XP
Total | 6 XP
Running Total | 28 XP



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