Small Change

Mirror Mirror

Story 5 - Session 9

At Mr Golds Pawn Shop and Oddity Emporium

Sophia (Julian) finds very little at the shop, and not much more from the clerk. However, she does press him enough to learn that Cheveyo occasionally comes by the store, slaps down some money and disappears in the back (the ‘odditiy’ part of the shop) for undetermined amounts of time. The clerk cannot say where he goes, nor why. A cursory blueprint scan yields no hidden rooms either; Sophia passes this information on to the rest as Nixie, Vikky and Al tag her out and inspect the store themselves.

Nixie immediately discovers that a mirror in the back room is inundated with essence, a veritable treasure even among artifacts. She purchases the mirror under the possibility it’s actually a portal, and the group retires to Vincent’s manse to inspect it further.

With a little light from their sun and moon marks, they quickly discover the mirror IS a portal. To where, they’re not sure. A tissue and a lamp are sacrificed to the portal, which sucks them both up with remarkable power. It’s assumed Cheveyo is on the other side. He’s not alone, either: a dog-sized spider, like the ones seen in the forest chapel months back, pokes its head out of the mirror from the other side.

Since Cheveyo’s location is partially secured, the group trails back into discussing what to do with the rest of Nixie’s urgent to-do list. Their conversation is interrupted when Cheveyo attempts to step out of the mirror and is subsequently sucked back in by his own weight. When no matter of notes sent into the portal nets a response, Sophia impatiently sticks her head into the mirror and is sucked in. Vincent goes in right after her.


Thursday, September 5th, 2167


Waxing Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 396 XP



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