Small Change

Mic Drop

Story 1 - Session 28

The plan seems finalized: Kuku will approach Rampage and get her to follow him (whether that is by aggravating her or alluring her is up to Kuku) to the best location. The group disbands for the evening and regroups the next evening, after having some time to train. Sophia confirms that the Jake Dublinksy park in NE Volcano-turf Thunder City is a good option for a fight.

Now that the plan is mostly settled, Nixie informs them that Rampage will be at The Cathedral at 9PM that evening. After a little more discussion on who will be going with Kuku as backup (Ana and Vincent) and who will wait, ready, at the park (Nixie, Vikky and Sophia), and a brief recess for the club-goers to dress appropriately, the group heads out.

On arriving at the Cathedral, Kuku locates Rampage (with help from Vincent) and approaches her, slashing at her clothes with a borrowed knife. Naturally, Rampage is enraged by Kuku’s gall (“We can fight or fuck, it’s up to you”) – but instead of destroying him right then and there, she …pulls out a mic and begins to freestyle? (Complete with chorus, no less.)

Combat is imminent until Raven, the mysterious and beautiful bar tender, reminds Rampage of the rules: not during business hours. Rampage actually yields to Raven’s presence and agrees to leave the club to continue elsewhere.

Book says: {((n|n))} “Mauk chauk!”


Tuesday, June 18th, 2167


Waning Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 171 XP



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