Small Change

Knocking on Death's Door

Story 7 - Sessions 18-20

The time has come. Halloween passes mostly uneventfully. Vikky hosts trick or treating at the bookstore, and after-hours, the group convenes for a divided costume party at the Sycamore Lodge. (Costumes as follows: Nixie, shrine maiden; Vikky, herself (previously arachnae); Al, traditional native garb; Kuku, dapper grim reaper; Vincent, the Hamburglar; Sophia, Wendy’s; Carmen, bunny red riding hood; and Gabe, angel lawyer.)

When the clock strikes midnight, their fate unravels. Through Sophia’s territory and Carmen’s minions, the report comes through that the Cathedral door has opened. Off the group goes, arriving at the scene shortly after and without much fanfare. The army has already cleared the Cathedral out, terrified club goers forced to wait their turn at the inevitable death by the hand of the Razorwire Catamite, a familiar face, and two new ones in the twins Hanzel and Gretal. The three are attended to by units of several dozens of, respectively, Bonecutters, hungry ghosts and Boneyard thugs. The group’s arrival was, naturally, anticipated.

The war that follows is brief but tumultuous. No one but their enemies sustain significant damage, though most everyone’s energy is exhausted and some spirits doubly demoralized by the time the last general falls. With limited casualties of club goers and the living people who comprised of two-thirds of the army, they have seemingly, successfully prevented the undead from taking over Thunder City.

But they’re not done yet. Moments after the battle ends, all chance at celebration falters when Sophia announces she knows where Nero Drago is.


Thursday, October 31st, 2167


Waxing Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
3-Die Stunt Award | 2 XP (Vincent, Carmen)
Significant Challenge Award | 1 XP
Total | 7 XP
Running Total | 558 XP



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