Small Change

I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Fire

Prologue - Session 1

After being semi-urgently called together by Small Change, the group learns (thanks to a King Syndicate member SC met) of an opportunity to take a dig at the Rhino Syndicate. They plot to take out two couriers en-route to collect protection money on the fringes of Rhino territory.

At the scene, the team quickly dispose of the two couriers (sustaining no injuries themselves) and retrieve their suitcase, beating a hasty retreat to St. Alphonso’s Pancake Diner. Once there, they consider opening it; Sophia takes the case outside to pick it open, only to toss it away and declare a bomb is within.

Shortly after the mad scramble out the back of the building (all Diner staff included), the ‘bomb’ goes off, emitting a violent violet light and engulfing half of the Pancake Diner and the entire opposite city block in a wall of ‘liquid’ fire.



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